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Translation of Scientific Articles for a Pharmaceutical Company

Client : Biocodex, in France.

Industry: Pharmaceutical & Medical.

Needs: Multilingual translation of scientific content related to medical research, especially for publication on the client’s website. Layout and editing of translated content.

Volume: A variety of texts, ranging from 500 words to 6 500 words.

Our Solutions: The client is a large pharmaceutical company headquartered in France and also located in several European countries, in America and in Africa. For this client, the dedicated project manager sets up an optimal translation process for each project including a quality assurance stage.

The texts to be translated most often include scientific articles –e.g., on microbiota or diabetes–, clinical cases, expert testimonials, media publications, descriptions of scientific information videos for the laboratory’s YouTube channel, quizzes, and news for healthcare professionals. This is why our agency selects translators who are specialists in the medical and pharmaceutical fields to translate the various contents. These linguists are experienced translators who have experience translating for pharmaceutical companies around the world. Typically, the translators have dual training in science –chemistry, biology, medicine– and scientific translation such as translation training for the pharmaceutical industry. Strictly scientific content as well as marketing content is translated by our team of experts. Editors and graphic designers have finalized the projects with impeccable layout, especially for content intended to be sent by e-mail or published in magazines.

Cultures Connection provides quality translation service therefore this client has been using our agency for several years.

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Source language: French
Target language: Chinese
Field: Medical
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