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Translation agency: How to choose your DTP provider

Which elements a translation agency has to take into account before choosing a DTP provider? Here’s some advice for a creating a successful partnership.

For a translation agency, using the services of a DTP (desktop publishing) provider means much more than outsourcing some of its work. Graphic designers and translators are the best allies to transcribe the values and the identity of a company.

However, before choosing a DTP provider, it is necessary to ask oneself the right questions. What are the factors to consider when choosing a graphic designer? How does one identify the key factors to success? Below is some information to guide your research in order to find a provider who will understand you, meet your expectations and those of your clients.

Putting words into images: the role of a DTP provider

In a translation agency, while the translator is responsible for transcribing the text from language A to language B, the DTP provider is responsible for the layout of the text in order to make it look good. Brochures, manuals, graphics, leaflets, web sites … Whatever the visuals, the graphic designer will not fail to highlight translations according to your needs and wishes.

Choosing a versatile provider

This involves considering whether your service provider is open minded and will allow you to develop projects in accordance with your vision and that of the end customers. In fact, graphic designers that have worked in different sectors can surprise you with their perception and originality.  This will make your projects more creative. Don’t hesitate to contact several agencies in order to compare their concept or their type of communication. If you go for a freelance graphic designer, ask to see their portfolio and latest work. By knowing more about the current market, your choice will be easier and well-informed.

Establish a suitable budget

Every service has a cost. Freelance graphic designers generally bill their work by the hour or by the day. The quality of the work obtained will also depend on the financial investment that you are willing to assign to this service which, let’s not forget, is aimed at increasing your sales and enhancing your image with your customers. It’s up to you to ask yourself about the results you are looking for!

Establishing a relationship of trust

Are you a professional translator and legal translations or financial translations have no secrets for you? Do you get quite irritated when asked if you do translations (read the excellent article by Bérengère Viennot)? Bear in mind that graphic designing is a real job that requires proper training and remuneration! More than just a technician, a graphic designer is also creative. Don’t overload them with information or rules that might wear out their imagination. A graphic designer needs a detailed brief which includes the concept, the vision and the objectives in order to understand the end result wanted by the customer. On the other hand, allow them flexibility at first so as to enable them to let their ideas run free. Of course, you are still the customer and your satisfaction therefore remains important. The end result will be closer to your vision if you pay attention to the transfer of information between your provider and yourself.

As you can see, choosing a graphic designer adapted to your needs can be like taking on an obstacle course. Whether you find your DTP provider by word of mouth or through the internet, bear in mind that experience, listening and the skills of the DTP provider will contribute to a successful collaboration.

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This article has been written by Caroline

Caroline was born in the West of France and studied Communication. She currently lives in Argentina where she works as content and social media manager at Cultures Connection.