Machine translation errors

Although computers have stolen the spotlight from humans in many sectors, machine translation is not a threat to professional translators.

When speakers and interpreters do not understand

When a speaker and an interpreter don’t understand, small comical blunders or epic nonsense can arise, but some misunderstandings can cause a lot of problems.

The 20 worst translations of films in the world

Movie title translation is much more difficult than it looks. We have selected 20 examples of translations that leave much to be desired.

The consequences of a bad financial translation

Nowadays, financial reports must be transparent and adapt to financial specifications, in each country, but a bad financial translation can be disastrous.

Interpreting errors: Words that changed history

The difficulty of “interpreting” a language and translating it can have unpleasant consequences in the world of politics or international conflicts.

Correction, revision, proofreading, editing: Say what?

Correction, Revision, Proofreading, Editing: Define these translation concepts and communicate with your client in order to avoid unpleasant surprises!

4 sources of marketing translation errors

When we think about marketing translation errors, small companies often come to mind, but the biggest groups are responsible for the worst of them.

Freelance translators and holidays: An impossible marriage?

The freelance translator can have their computer anywhere, but the reality is that between sun and sea, a folder marked urgent will always pop up.