Golden rules for setting translation rates

You’ve just graduated from university and you want to make a name for yourself in the world of translation, but you don’t know the market rates? Stay calm! Other freelancers are in the same situation. Here you can find all the key aspects that you need to consider at the beginning of your career, as […]

Diana Rhudick: On the evolution of translation as a career and the growth of post-editing

In this interview for Cultures Connection on post editing, the American translator Diana Rhudick* has agreed to share with us her opinion on Machine Translation Post-Editing, and to talk about her career path as a translator. How did you know you were meant to be a translator? What are your favorite fields of specialization?  I’ve […]

Translation and Artificial Intelligence: A Linguistic Revolution

Everything seems possible with artificial intelligence, for better or for worse. Did you know that you can even generate fake profile pictures for social media, i.e. an artificial face? It is truer than real and made up of multiple parts of other real faces –except that it does not show a real human being’s face. […]

Start a translation career: A guide for students

Is it your dream to start a translation career? For those of you who want to become a translator but need guidance, we are here to help.

5 reasons why your business needs SEO

For any company or specialized website translator that want to be successful, SEO services is crucial. Here are five reasons why you can benefit from SEO.

10 translation tips to boost content quality

A perfect translation should be your primary focus. Let’s check the top suggestions to improve your translations, based on Google’s principles.

Workshops for translators with Xosé Castro in Buenos Aires

Cultures Connection attended two translation workshops in Buenos Aires, organized by Decode Linguistic Solutions on April 26 and 27, which were led by the charismatic Xosé Castro Roig.

“The most important thing an interpreter needs to have is a sixth sense of how and what to research”

With the 72nd Cannes Film Festival underway, specialized interpreter Nadia Martín talks about how to work with films and international stars.