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Remote Interpreting Services on Climate and Finance

Client: The Climate Vulnerable Forum & V20 Support Program, based in Switzerland.

Industry: Finance and Environment.

Needs: Remote conference interpreting services from English into Spanish and French at two events lasting one to one and a half days, one year apart.

Our Solutions: For this remote conference interpretation service using the Zoom platform, at each event, the stakes were high. The Vulnerable 20 (V20) is a group created in 2015 that brings together the Ministers of Finance of the countries –about 50 members now including the Philippines, Haiti, Guatemala, Kenya, Madagascar, Vietnam– most vulnerable to climate change. It aims to improve responses to the economic and financial challenges posed by climate change.

During the first event, an international dialogue for countries in Latin America as well as the Caribbean, Cultures Connection put together a team of conference interpreters –two interpreters working from English into Spanish and reciprocally, two interpreters working from English into French and reciprocally. We selected them because they are expert interpreters for international organizations, specifically in the fields of Economics, Finance and the Environment. During this virtual meeting, the group agreed on ten recommendations, including on financing methods, human rights, the contributions of the major CO2 emitters, or the protection of workers.

At the second event this year, since the client had greatly valued the work and competence of our team the first time, Cultures Connection hired the same team of professional interpreters. The virtual workshop on financial partnership was held to organize future initiatives so as to financially support the frontline countries on climate risk and environmental impacts.

Our team is proud to have contributed to the advancement of the V20 group’s work on climate vulnerability, considering this major issue that links environment and economy.

Cultures Connection provides remote interpreting services worldwide to a variety of clients, such as organizations, firms, foundations or universities.

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Source language: English
Target language: French
Field: Finance
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