Translation of a report for a Ministry of Culture

Translation of a Report for a Ministry of Culture

Client: Ministry of Culture, in France.

Industry: Public Governance and Culture

Needs:  French to English translation of a report about voice assistance in the cultural sector.

Volume: Around 72000 words.

Our Solutions: 

The French Ministry of Culture needed an English translation of a report it drafted in French about oral assistance and its potential impact on the cultural sector. Cultures Connection was able to respond to this request thanks to its expertise in translation services for cultural documents.

Within two weeks, a project manager from the agency accomplished the translation by recruiting a native English-speaking translator specializing in the legal sector, who fulfilled the request.

Although the text was written from a cultural point of view, translating it involved much more than knowledge of the arts. The report was focused on explaining the origins and functioning of voice assistance, which implied having technical knowledge about this new technology.

In addition, it sought to explore the requirement and legal status of these systems and their effects on the dissemination and diversity of cultural content, both for the user and for artists and cultural institutions.

As the report had a research purpose, it contained a strong academic emphasis to which the translator also had to pay attention.

The follow-up and permanent communication between the project manager and the client ensured that Cultures Connection was able to deliver a quality product on time and in accordance with the Ministry of Culture’s expectations.

Our agency is glad to support translation and interpreting needs in more than 80 languages to promote cultural heritage.

Source language: French
Target language: English
Field: Education
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