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Multilingual translation of reports on food and agriculture

Client: The FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Industry: International organizations and Agriculture.

Needs: Translation of reports about food and agriculture initiatives or programs. Depending on the report, the source language is English or Spanish, and the target languages are French, Arabic, and Spanish or English.

Volume: From 2 700 words up to 10 000 words depending on reports to be translated, mostly around 8 000 words.

Our Solutions: A dedicated project manager for the UN entities to which our company provides interpreting and translation services is in charge of setting up projects steps. This project manager selects experienced translators who are very familiar with the UN entities. Each translator in the team of linguists we put together for the FAO has a considerable expertise in the fields of agriculture, food, biodiversity, and climate issues. That is why the translators we work with know very well how to translate reports on cooperation with other UN entities on biodiversity and ecosystem strategies, the Benefit Sharing Fund, on plant genetic resources, FAO projects around the world (in Argentina, India or Mali), the impact of Covid on projects, eco-geography systems, or the International Platform for Digital Food and Agriculture.

Each project consists of three stages: a stage of translation done by a first translator, a stage of revision done by a second translator, and a final DTP stage to provide the client with reports formatted precisely as the original reports.

The FAO has trusted Cultures Connection for many years and can count on our experience in translating for International organizations and institutions.

Source language: English
Target language: Arabic
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