Guidelines on sustainable urban mobility planning

Translation of Guidelines on Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

Client: MobiliseYourCity (Belgium/European Union/World).

Industry: Transportation and environment.

Needs: Translation of guidelines from English to French for public distribution and publication on the website.

Volume: Publication containing about 32 000 words.

Our Solutions: For our client, a global partnership based in Belgium and bringing together different partner countries around infrastructure and equipment projects, our translation company used the best process for a quality translation.

A project manager, with the assistance of the vendor manager, put together a team of professional translators to handle the translation stage and then the revision stage of the translation. Our translators are native speakers of French and are used to working for international organizations and public institutions. They have extensive experience in translating institutional content, such as strategic plans, presentations, activity reports, contracts, policies or regulations.

The team was built according to the translators’ specialties, corresponding to the fields of the document to be translated, regarding urban transport and especially paratransit, aiming at reducing congestion and pollution in urban areas. The document includes a diagnosis as well as measures with the aim to introduce different modes of transport in the cities. Translators who specialize in the environment, transport and land-use planning carried out this work.

Following the translation and revision of the document, an editor specialized in institutional documents took care of the proofreading and layout (DTP) stage.

With a quality translation service provided by Cultures Connection, that our client checked and approved, the guidelines document was launched and published to inform all the partners.

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Source language: English
Target language: French
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