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Translation and Localization in the Luxury Boating Industry

Client: Navigare Yachting.

Industry: Boating and Marine.

Needs: Translation and localization from English into French of marketing, legal, technical contents for the website, as well as a marketing catalog.

Volume: Several hundred pages.

Our Solutions: Our client –who belongs to a large international group in the marine industry– assigned our translation agency with translating and localizing the description of its manifold offers. These documents in the nautical industry included among others the rental of luxury sailing boats, the purchase of yachts, or catamaran cruises to beautiful countries such as Greece, Thailand, or the Bahamas.

For this company with luxury customers, Cultures Connection selected translators who are familiar with the nautical field but who are also specialists in marketing and website translation. The team of four translators made sure to translate accurately the content according to the target audience for these varied offers regarding boats and offshore vacations. Moreover our translators ensured a professional localization of the content, and also provided a quality translation of the other legal and technical content containing for instance nautical vocabulary. The project manager included a review and quality assurance step, so each translated document was reviewed and corrected by another translator.

Through our translator selection and translation process, our client knows they can trust us to provide quality translations.

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Source language: English
Target language: French
Field: Marketing
Cultures Connection

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