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Science and technology are everywhere. Today, it is unimaginable for a company to establish itself on an international scale without having to translate technical documents. This sector is constantly evolving and requires specific linguistic and technical expertise and skills. Technical translation experts are fully aware that the terms used in this type of document are precise and must find a perfect equivalent in the target language. I will take care of your project always keeping this principle in mind.
Our expert's advice  -  Lisabeth, German Translator, technical translation specialist

English German technical translation: precise terminology

Nowadays it is undeniable that technology and science play an important role in our everyday lives. With Germany being the largest economy of the European Union, the translation of technical documents from and into German are inevitable for any company wishing to penetrate the European market. In this sector, there is no room for errors and inaccuracies. Each term is irreplaceable and a perfect equivalent must be found in the target language in order to respect the meaning of the source text. Moreover, the recipients of these translations are often specialists who will not be very pleased if the translated terms are confusing. To preserve your credibility, entrust your project to a specialist in German technical translation.

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At Cultures Connection, quality always comes first. That is why we take care to always entrust your translations to the most competent specialists, both at the linguistic and at the technical level. They are skilled in a variety of areas: from the automotive industry to graphics software, and even solar technologies. Whatever the type of translation services addressed by your project, our extensive address book will enable us to propose the most suited professional translators for the job. For your technical translations from and into German, you can rely on translation company; you will get accurate, fast and reliable translations.

Technical document translation in German

Here is a non-exhaustive list of technical texts that our translation office translates from and into German:

  • Quote
  • Engineering texts
  • Manuals for machine tools (or other types of machines)
  • Descriptions and technical data sheets
  • Standards
  • Specifications
  • Technical patents
  • Technical manuals
  • Instructions manuals
  • User guides
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