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In order to offer the same gaming experience to your English and German-speaking audience, consider having your video game translated into German. Who is best placed to take charge of localizing it? Professional translators, of course, but above all gaming enthusiasts! At Cultures Connection, my colleagues and I have formed a team of video game translation specialists, all passionate, trained, competent and experienced. We leave no detail to chance and accompany you in your international expansion.
Our expert's advice  -  Clemens, German Translator, videogame translation specialist

German video games translation

In order to contribute to the diffusion of your game in Germany, start first by having your video game translated into German. Playing in their own language will allow users to enjoy an enhanced multilingual experience. German English translators or English German translators, specialists in this type of service, will have to transcribe all the visual elements of the game’s interface, whether it be dialogues, menus, subtitles, instructions… together with the communication material, such as a user manual or a press release. Translating your video game into German is the key to its distribution in Germany.

Our translation services agency

Our translation company takes pride in delivering results that match your expectations in any type of translation service. This is why our gaming translators are also localizers. They have been trained to adapt your content to the target culture, which is the German culture here. You are well aware that cultural differences can cause misunderstandings and incomprehension. It is therefore essential to avoid any error that could cause confusion for the user. Cultures Connection will always entrust your projects to video games professionals video games translators and localizers in German.

Our German video games translation services

Here’s a list of the services we offer you:

  • Video games translation
  • Video game localization
  • Project management
  • Subtitles
  • Recording and dubbing
  • Quality control
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