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Do you need to translate business documents? Cultures Connection specializes in English-German business translation.
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When I am confronted with remarks such as "Are you a translator? What a great job! Translating novels, contracts, articles, advertisements... That must be exciting." I always say the same thing: "Just as a cardiologist will not do the work of a pulmonologist, a legal translator will not do the work of a commercial translator." The specialities in this field are as numerous as they are varied. I am an expert in business translation into German, and this is the only sector in which I work. With me, your business documents are in good hands because, so to speak, I know what I am talking about, and above all, how to translate it.
Our expert's advice  -  Hannelore, German Translator, business translation specialist

English German business translation is a question of credibility

Business translation from and into German constitutes a major challenge for any company wishing to expand internationally. Indeed, it’s essential to provide your business partners with documents translated into their languages by a translator specialized in German business translation. These quality texts will thus reflect the reliability of your company and give you greater credibility. Remember that business cultures vary from one country to another: a contract is not signed in the same way in London or in Berlin. A solution ? Work with a translation company specialized in German.

Looking for a business translation agency?

By choosing Cultures Connection to translate your business documents from and into German, you are ensuring a high quality result. Our agency offers great translation services and we rely on an extensive network of German business translation professionals who all have several years of experience in this area. Our English German translators have been selected on the basis of their qualifications, experience, qualifications and skills. They’re regularly take various tests in order to ensure that our clients receive a high quality service. They have highly specialized language skills both in German and English, and always translate into their native language.

Business document translation in German

We offer our services for a wide variety of business documents. We are therefore able to assist you with your international expansion plans. Here is a non-exhaustive list of documents that we frequently translate from and into German:

  • Brochures
  • Booklets
  • Business cards
  • Releases
  • Campaigns
  • Websites
  • Catalogues
  • Presentations
  • Advertising media
  • Market studies
  • Business newsletters
  • White papers
  • Advertising
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