Business Interpretation to Bring the European Union and the MERCOSUR Together

Business Interpretation to Bring the European Union and the MERCOSUR Together

The European Union and MERCOSUR have been working together for years with the aim of strengthening their relations to advance mutually beneficial political and trade agreements. Days after the inauguration of Javier Milei as President of Argentina, a European delegation traveled to the cities of Buenos Aires and Rosario to meet with Argentine officials and businessmen, in order to better understand the new scenario in one of the most influential countries of the South American bloc. Cultures Connection acted as an intermediary between the parties, providing business interpretation services for smooth communication.

A new political and economic landscape in Argentina

The European Union delegation was in Argentina from December 17 to 22, 2023 to get a first-hand look at the political and economic situation in the country, marked by the inauguration of Milei as the new president of the Argentines exactly one week ago.

The trip of the European officials was divided in two. Buenos Aires was their first destination, where they held meetings with the new political leaders of important areas such as Economy, Foreign Affairs, Industry, Agriculture, Energy and Mining. They even had a courtesy telephone conversation with President Milei himself.

For a better understanding of the economic outlook, the visit included meetings with businessmen and trade unions from these key sectors. In addition, a lunch was organized with representatives of social NGOs and women’s and LGTBI+ organizations.

Later, the delegation traveled to Rosario, also with a full agenda of activities. They met with the governor of Santa Fe, talked with representatives of the province’s agricultural sector and visited the river terminal on the Paraná River and a food processing plant.

  • Business Interpretation to Bring the European Union and the MERCOSUR Together
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Simultaneous interpretation for the occasion

Cultures Connection was of great help to the success of the activities. With a presence in Europe and South America and proven experience in language services for international organizations, Cultures Connection had no difficulty in providing a team of interpreters and making the necessary arrangements to hire adequate technical equipment for the interpretation.

All the meetings had a similar dynamic: a small group of English speakers listening to the ideas of the Spanish speakers who took the floor. The most convenient service for these cases was to provide simultaneous interpretation in which professional linguists interpreted the speeches as they were delivered.

The linguists were equipped with microphones through which they spoke in English and the group listened through personal headphones. In this way, people were allowed to speak and ideas were not interrupted. The customized microphone system also provided mobility in the case of the outdoor guided tours. As a result, conversations were natural, as if everyone was speaking the same language.

Don’t underestimate the rental of interpreting equipment

It seems like a no-brainer, but it is worth noting. It’s not easy to get quality interpreting equipment. Even less so for meetings that will be held in two different cities abroad. Delegating the management of the technology to the interpreting agency is always a good idea because they can choose the right equipment by knowing the type of interpreting to be done. Experience in the market will also allow you to know the options at the best cost.

Cultures Connection has a vast experience in Argentina. It works throughout the country with a network of the best professional interpreters and the highest quality equipment suppliers. Being able to rely on this guarantee allowed the European Union authorities to focus fully on their work with their counterparts in Argentina, in a relationship that opens a new chapter and that started off on the right foot thanks to Cultures Connection.

This article has been written by Gonzalo Olaberría

Before starting as a Digital Content Manager at Cultures Connection, he worked in Argentina as a journalist for national newspapers and magazines, and as a consultant in political and corporate communication.