Why Translate Luxury, Fashion and Beauty Content?

Fashion trends change, yet regardless of the global context, one thing is certain: the market for luxury and beauty products is growing every year. So, the number of translations required in this field increases logically. From year to year, the countries that consume the most vary, but the increase in luxury sales is global. In addition to developing and producing new products, brands are designing creative customer experiences that appeal to consumers in many countries.

Read our article below to better understand why translate luxury, fashion and beauty content, around three questions:

  • What is fashion translation?
  • Why is there a need for translations in the luxury and beauty industries?
  • What are creative translators?

What is fashion translation?

There are countless fashion and beauty industries players and they offer a wide variety of products: clothes, leather goods, make-up, jewelry, watches, perfumes, home decor, eyewear, cosmetics and of course haute couture… it’s all very exciting! In addition to the fashion companies that use translation agencies directly, production companies and international communications agencies that work for brands around the world use translation companies for marketing campaigns –including advertising, branding and public relations. Audiovisual translators are essential for creating and translating subtitles for marketing videos, product presentations and advertising.

If your company has undergone a digital transformation –or is in the process of doing so– with an international focus, the marketing strategy involves the translation of digital content. This will contribute to your brand awareness, which will turn very positive if the content is translated with quality and reliability.

The translation of an e-commerce website is fashion at your fingertips, whatever your budget. Think for example about fast fashion: we notice that the websites of the leaders in clothing and beauty accessories claim millions of unique visitors. You need to have your e-commerce platforms carefully translated. Similarly, the beauty and health sectors have a large number of visitors on specialized websites. Here again, you need to use translators who are well versed in the subject matter. They must be used to translating for dermatology or pharmaceutical laboratories, as well as cosmetic laboratories for make-up.

Why is there a need for translations in the luxury and beauty industries?

Luxury and beauty translations –very often multilingual– reflect the globalization of commerce and serve to promote and sell brands or products on all continents. We are all aware now that customers are going to the stores less and less. Or customers go to the store to select products, which they compare and try on, and then they order on the web. Secondly, not all brands have physical stores everywhere in the world. That’s why you have to sell on a multilingual website.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, to ensure a good web audience, you must take care of the quality of the translation. The marketing pitch, the product sheets, the terms and conditions of use and return, the website blog, the publications on social networks, or the newsletters, everything must be perfectly translated. The creativity of marketing experts in translation coupled with that of fashion and beauty brands allows, for example, the success of a product launch or a new collection. All assets must be put on one’s side to ensure the marketing and popularity of the products.

Your goal is definitely a great reputation for your brand, your products, with a strong digital presence thanks to the popularity of your website and your social networks. Not to mention the indispensable contribution of influencers, who take over the marketing content of your multilingual translations!

A star product or a brand’s anniversary, some seasonal sales or a new partnership? For all news, you need to think translation.

What are creative translators?

Once your website, platform and app are ready, you need to convert visitors into buyers. How do you entice all those online shoppers? Fashion marketing translators are essential.

Translators specialized in fashion and luxury usually have a real talent for creative translation, also known as “transcreation,” that is the contraction of the two words: translation and creation. This creative process consists of transforming a product name, a slogan, or even an entire marketing campaign into another language. Translators take your brand’s style and tone, and they adapt the text to the target country to better suit the cultural habits and local preferences of your customers. They logically have a broad knowledge of both cultures. To promote a new sports line, a new cosmetics line or a jewelry collection, it’s not just about mastering the vocabulary. You have to know how to speak to the target clientele according to their cultural sensitivity.

Professional translators know well how to keep up with the trends and values that matter: sustainable fashion, recycled products, origin of materials, eco-responsible and ethical labels and standards, among others. Another skill that these translators have? They use the trendy vocabulary used in magazines and social networks for fashion topics and tailored to the targeted market. The content of the site or the channel on social networks must appeal to visitors, and be in phase with the young customers, as they watch out for trends and consume novelties. Brands must know how to successfully target the millennial generation. So, you can count on Cultures Connection’s professional creative translators to make your brand shine internationally!

Finally, fashion and luxury brands enjoy organizing digital experiences that make a lasting impression. They also stage spectacular events that are broadcast on social networks. The big names in luxury and fashion use interpreters for interviews, press conferences, fashion shows and marketing events. Clients, trendsetters or journalists can rely on specialized interpreters to orally translate their interviews and testimonials, or to understand their international contacts.

Find out about luxury in all its splendor and in several languages! Discover the translation services that Cultures Connection provides to the Beauty and Luxury industry!

This article has been written by Marilène Haroux

Marilène was previously an Academic and a Translator. At Cultures Connection she used to be the Vendor Manager as well as Bid Manager. Now Marilène is the Bid and Communications Manager.