Languages and the Internet: The web is written by the victors

As in life, for political, economic and cultural influences, English and Chinese compete to be the lingua franca in the virtual world. What language will the internet speak in the future?

The different fields of application for localization

Localization is a translation process, which culturally adapts to the target audience in the country into which you want to extend your market.

Localization, much more than translation…

Localization includes two steps: designing a product devoid of cultural specificities and then localizing on a large scale.

Marianne Siréta: When translation and SEO meet

This week, Marianne Siréta, expert in website translation explains why multilingual SEO is another critical stage for hitting your target’s bullseye.

Marianne Siréta: Under the hood of website localization

Marianne Siréta, our website localization expert, grants us an interview dealing with translation from the cultural point of view.

French-German Translation: Website

Translation into German of a website belonging to a wines and spirits firm based in the south of France.

French-English Translation: Website

Translation of website content from French into English for a Parisian advertising agency.

English-German Website Localization: E-commerce

Localization and translation of e-commerce platform from English into German for a leading global market solutions company.