Cienradios Play en las oficinas de Deezer en París

Enabling the sharing of ideas for Radio Mitre and Deezer

The Argentine and French firms came together in Paris to review the results of their new alliance in Argentina, with the liaison interpretation of Cultures Connection.  

Cienradios Play appeared this year as a breakthrough initiative in the music streaming services market in Latin America. Radio Mitre and Deezer met to create a digital platform where anyone can listen on demand to the programming of the different radio brands that Mitre has in Argentina and playlists created by specialist local curators. On the 22nd October the French and Argentinian companies met to review the results and work on innovations. Suiting the job perfectly, Cultures Connection, which has a presence in Buenos Aires and in Paris, provided a way for ideas to be shared during the meeting in the City of Lights, using Spanish-French liaison interpretation.

Deezer, one of the world leaders of music streaming services with more than 14 million users in 180 countries, as of now working in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico has yet to enter the Argentine market. Nor had it previously been associated with a media group such as Mitre Group. Their appearance in the Argentine market was a long time coming but did not disappoint: Cienradios Play is the first on demand music streaming platform service  developed in the country.

Radio Mitre were already relying on technological offerings and digital audiences. In 2009 they created Cienradios Web and introduced streaming for all its radio stations in Buenos Aires and the rest of the country as well as new online content. Also in 2016 they launched Match100, a tool that lets listeners instantly choose from their digital devices the music played by their favourite programmes.

The new platform can be used on a computer or on a phone. It has a search engine, which can be filtered by song, artist, genre or key word, helping the user find what they want in the quickest way possible. You can choose between listening to a program from any of Mitre’s radio stations or hundreds of compilations with an offer of more than 53 million songs, made by specialized curators of the Argentine group.

A home page allows access to recently listened and recommended content, which is based on users’ search records. The service has a free version and a paid subscription service with additional features. Deezer brings its technology know-how and provides international rights for the use of the music catalogue; Radio Mitre, one of the leading radio stations in Argentina with almost 90 years of experience, its expertise in music programming and its in-depth knowledge of the audience.

The meeting at Deezer’s headquarters in Paris served as a performance analysis of this partnership between the companies and a process in order to make decisions for their futures. For the next few months the plans are to introduce new possibilities such as playlists created from radio figures and exclusive compilations of the programmes.

Interpretation for urgent meetings

Radio Mitre only got in touch with Cultures Connection a few days before their trip to France to ask for a liaison interpretation from Spanish to French to allow the executive managers to communicate with their French counterparts throughout two meetings. In no time due to its presence in Paris for over 10 years, the agency easily contracted a professional that would suit the requirements of the meeting.

As the companies analysed their commercial and product needs, Mathilde, the interpreter chosen for the occasion, had to master a very specific commercial and technical vocabulary, linked to radio terminology and new technology. There were face to face chats, with PowerPoint presentations in between, for which the interpreter provided shortened version as the speakers finished expressing their ideas. The challenge with these types of interventions is the speed necessary to adapt whilst staying true to the messages that the speakers which to communicate.

Mathilde pointed out that the main difficulty was having the addition of interpreting into English, a service that was not stipulated in the brief. The Deezer management were speaking in this languages, and seeing as the Argentine representatives didn’t understand, they made this additional request. Although she had English skills, the work was not easy for a non-specialist, she explained. Even so, she was able to resolve the situation with versatility and professionalism.

In terms of preparation, Mathilde, who has 3 years experience as a professional and a master’s degree from the Institut Supérieur of Interpretation and Translation (ISIT) in Paris, said “I looked for participant profiles on Social Media in order to get to know them better and to know what their career paths were. I listened to Radio Mitre online, I researched vocabulary relating to the sector and I called a French colleague that had worked in Deezer so she could tell me more about the company vision.”

On behalf of Radio Mitre, their Finance director (CFO), Hernán Villaplana, and their  Digital Content manager, Diego Poso attended the meeting. Whilst for Deezer, Golan Shaked, their business director (CCO), and Oscar Castellanos, CEO for America took part.  Cultures Connection once again helped to facilitate communication for an important commercial partnership.

Translation into English: William Steel

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This article has been written by Gonzalo Olaberría

Before starting as a Digital Content Manager at Cultures Connection, he worked in Argentina as a journalist for national newspapers and magazines, and as a consultant in political and corporate communication.