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5 tips for negotiating a deadline of an urgent translation

Setting a deadline for a translation is not a trivial decision. A small overview of what to consider when negotiating a deadline for an urgent translation.

Setting a deadline for your translation is not a trivial decision. Do you want this translation for tomorrow? You will have it. But at what price? A small overview of things to consider when negotiating a deadline for an urgent translation.

1. The quality of the translation

When a company entrusts an urgent legal translation to a translation agency, an urgent medical translation or any other translation that must be done in a very short time, the first variable to consider is quality. Our language services will tell you: below a level that can be considered as a minimum, the quality will drop. Because, for example, we will not have the time to proofread your translation. We can multiply the number of translators, resort to technology, use experienced project managers: there is a level that must be maintained, otherwise translation quality management cannot be optimally ensured.

2. The price of immediacy

Another obvious variable to consider when negotiating a deadline for an urgent financial translation, for example: the price. The shorter the deadline, the more staff your translation agency needs to focus on your project. Not to mention that translators rates increase when a translation must be done for yesterday – time travel software is expensive…

3. The difficulty and/or the specificity of the text

Also consider the nature of the translation that you are entrusting to your translation agency. If it is an urgent translation of financial documents or another document whose lexicon, by its specificity or precision, requires special treatment, it will probably be wise for you to give your translator extra time, just to make sure that the technical terms are translated with the required accuracy, in particular by allowing any specialized glossaries you may provide to be used to improve the quality of the translation.

4. The length of the document

As mentioned above, a long translation can, nowadays, be completed in an emergency, thanks to notably the use of translation tools. These allow a document to be shared between several translators without losing coherence and consistency. However, this division has its limits and it is obvious that a short translation can be done much more easily and quickly. A large amount of text to translate in a short time means more translators, more project management, more time proofreading.

5. Your priorities

Finally, and in conclusion, determining a deadline for your translation defines your priorities concerning the document. What is most important to you: quality? price? the deadline? One of the benefits of having a translation agency in Paris is that this proximity guarantees you access to your agency at any convenience. Our professionals will give you a deadline that will satisfy your needs in terms of time, price and quality.

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This article has been written by Mathieu

Mathieu was born in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. After studying Literature and Linguistic Research, he moved to Argentina where he is currently a translator and a web editor.