Choisir une agence de traduction

How to choose a quality translation agency

A translation agency is responsible for translating your company`s values with quality, so the best thing to do is to call professionals.

When using the services of a translation agency, do not forget that you have given them the responsibility of translating your company`s values and image into another language, so it is better not to make mistakes and call in professionals. On what criteria will you choose one agency rather than another? Here is some advice to make the right choice and choose a quality translation agency.

Take time to choose your translation agency

It is important to take your time to compare and analyze the different offers from the numerous translation agencies. You can ask an agency to provide examples of completed work, without betraying customer confidentiality.

Be careful of low rates from some agencies that outsource to freelancers who are not always qualified and sometimes skimp on the translation work. It is also important to find a flexible agency capable of working within reasonable deadlines by playing with time differences thanks to its network of translators based abroad.

Ask for translators working into their native language

A translation agency can make sure to give work to the most capable translators. A quality translation must be done in the translator`s native language. Only native speakers are able to choose and use the terminologies and most appropriate style, by appealing to formulas and language specific linguistic subtleties.

The French translation service in Quebec is not the same one as in France because of the peculiarities of each language. Similarly the subtleties of the English language differ whether you are in Australia, the United Kingdom or the United States, and it is the same for Spanish speaking countries. Only a native translator will be able to master the different subtleties of the language.

Find an agency specialized in your field

Because your message must be returned with accuracy, you need to call an agency or a translator who has expertise in the field in which your business operates. Only an expert in their field will be able to deliver a quality translation.

All translators usually have one or two specialties, whether in the field of legal translation, medical translation, financial translation, etc. It can also be interesting to use translation agencies that can manage a large number of projects in such vast and varied fields through their networks of specialized translators.

A quality translation agency is at the service of its clients

A quality translation agency must also support its clients before and after in their translation needs. It must know their technical and logistical constraints in order to anticipate and manage their orders as quickly as possible.

Smaller structures have the advantage of working with a smaller number of staff. This allows there to be better communication, more proximity to clients and a better follow-up of projects.

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