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Medical translation and its professional diagnosis

Medical translation is not just any translation. The terms involved must not be misinterpreted. Only qualified medical translators can choose right terms.

When we talk about medical translation, there is no doubt that we are talking about a particular type of translation. This is not just any translation. We use collections of documents and make decisions, often in complex situations, all in the process of editing articles that present technical vocabulary, rich in medical terms, which must not be misinterpreted. That’s why the right term must be chosen with surgical precision. In other words, by a qualified medical translator.

Why is it important to have a quality medical translation?

The reason is simple. Talking about medical translation is synonymous with talking about health. And our health, at least for most mortals – because we all are – is undoubtedly the most important thing. If we are not in good health to begin with, everything else is of little importance. Indeed, it is of little use to have a good doctor if you don’t also have a good medical translator who can rigorously and accurately translate the technical documents that have been issued in your country of origin or in another foreign country where you have lived. It is important that this task, which involves the translation of a wide range of technical terms, be entrusted to a qualified and specialized translator. These are very technical documents, which cannot be translated by any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Medical Translators

This type of translation, both in terms of vocabulary and the procedures involved, is not an ordinary translation, but is considered to fall within the category of scientific or technical translations. It cannot therefore be entrusted to an ordinary translator. Always use a medical translator; a scientific translator who knows the subject well and can be clear, concise and, at the same time, faithful to the original text.

The variety of medical documents that may require translation is vast. It depends on the case; however, there are a number of texts that are more likely to require medical translation. For example: medical reports, prescriptions, consent forms or medical forms. All of these must be translated frequently, as they may be requested, with a certain regularity, in foreign countries – tourists or foreign workers who fall ill or need surgery abroad – as well as from doctors who, in the exercise of their profession, must treat patients of all nationalities. With these examples alone we can begin to have an idea of the importance that this type of translation implies, as well as the importance that it is of the highest quality. The slightest error can have serious consequences for the health of the patient concerned.

What are the consequences of a bad medical translation on our health?

Just as a good diagnosis is vital in obtaining adequate treatment and curing certain diseases; in the world of medical translation, a good “linguistic diagnosis” – a correct interpretation of the text – is also essential for a good understanding of the documents by doctors and patients. If there is no precise and clear diagnosis to give the translated text the same spirit, the same intention and the same meaning as the original, then many problems can arise. Suppose there is an error in the translation of a medical report, on a patient’s medical history, for example an allergy to a certain substance or drug… As you can imagine, the results can be fatal, since the doctor in question could administer drugs, anaesthetics or other medicinal compounds that cause serious health problems to the patient. The same problem arises if the information of a medicinal product contains errors in its instructions or warnings.

When it comes to medical translation and your health, always put yourself in the hands of a qualified professional!

We advise you not to hesitate if you find yourself in the situation of having to translate a medical document. Call on a good medical translator, whose training, rigor and experience will give you a professional result. Not only your health, but also your safety depends on it. We therefore strongly recommend that you use a good translation agency. They will put you in the hands of a good scientific translator, able to do a job that guarantees quality. Your health and loved ones will thank you.

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This article has been written by Juan Suarez

Graduate in Law (UZ /UAM) and specialized in Web Content Creation (Escuela Unión Editorial). He is dedicated to fiction writing, web writing and language teaching. He published his first novel in 2016 (Somnium Clavis) and has worked as a web editor for several communication agencies. He currently resides in France where he collaborates with Cultures Connection.