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Tips for translators: 20 tips for reducing stress

The translation profession, with its irregular hours and and its frequently tight deadlines can be stressful. Twenty tips for a legal translation or a marketing translation doesn’t become the straw that broke the camel’s back…

The translation profession, with its irregular hours and its frequently tight deadlines, can be stressful. Twenty tips to help avoid making your next translation be the straw that breaks the camels back.

1. Organize your office

Tidy your office so as to avoid wasting time searching for documents. Do the same for the virtual space of your computer: your sites and reference files should always be easily accessible.

2. Create a pleasant workspace for yourself

Try to avoid glaring colors, noises, uncomfortable temperatures, mess, and anything that could stress your eyes, your body or your mind.

3. Plan your work

Plan your work in order to avoid work overload: a huge challenge for a translator, who so often is subject to unpredictable times and schedules.

4. Get ahead

Anticipate the workload, as much as you possibly can, so as not to have to suffer from the last minute “rush” when the deadline approaches…

5. Learn how to say no

Say no to a customer, a boss or a translation agency when the workload becomes too overwhelming.

6. Avoid “time wasters”

Focus and don’t pay attention to unimportant emails and other impromptu phone calls…

7. Take real breaks

They will increase your productivity. Ten minutes may be enough, if you can manage to disconnect from your work. What to do?

8. Have a cup of tea

Drink some tea, for example; it can be a great way to relax while watching the clouds of steam…

9. Avoid coffee

Avoid coffee as well as other stimulants.

10. Do not yield to the temptation of sweets or salty foods either

Find an alternative that is filled with antioxidants.  You can find these in tomatoes, watermelon and beetroot, and they which the effects of oxidative stress.

11. Remember that you have a body

Set it in motion: by playing sports, you will relax, your brain will be more oxygenated, and you will sleep better. And if cardiovascular activity is not your cup of tea…

12. Do yoga

Do some yoga or some type of stretching, provided that your body can relax a little.

13. Take a little stroll

If you’re more of the sedentary type, a simple walk around the block can help.

14. Remember to breathe

Breathe slowly and deeply with your abdomen.

15. Meditate a little

Why not take a little meditation course, just to see how it goes, and then try to include this activity in your daily routine?

16. Put on some music

Listen to music ! (if you choose some background music, it should be rather soothing …)

17. Do some dancing

Get up from your chair and dance for five minutes: hardcore or ballet, any style works.

18. Have a conversation with someone over the phone

Call a friend, your sister, your mother…

19. Take a nap

Even if it’s just half an hour, it will do you good2

20. Sleep!

Banish screens from the room, stick to your rituals, and treat yourself to a really good great night’s sleep…

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This article has been written by Mathieu

Mathieu was born in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. After studying Literature and Linguistic Research, he moved to Argentina where he is currently a translator and a web editor.