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If you need a high quality English-Russian financial translation service, Cultures Connection is the partner you need.
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Do you need a Russian to English financial translation? Whether it is an investment fund report, a prospectus, a research paper, an audit report, an activity report, or any other type of financial document, you will need a financial translation specialist to carry out this highly complex task. Take no risks, maintain your credibility and choose quality! At Cultures Connection, your financial documents are always entrusted to specialists who are familiar with all the standards to be respected in the practice of this exercise.
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The translation of financial documents requires accuracy and rigor, two important skills for the financial translator. An increased understanding of the financial world, its terminology and the regulations that apply to it is also essential. A mistake in this area can have serious consequences. In the case of an incorrect translation of insurance documents, the client whose insurance contract has errors may lose some of the rights or guarantees stipulated in the source document. Another consequence is that some companies can lose clients: if the translation is of poor quality, it can impede understanding and negatively influence client decision-making. It is therefore vital to choose a a reliable translation company to entrust with your financial documents.

Our financial translation agency

The translators who work with Cultures Connection are all finance specialists, from their professional career in this field or from the training in finance that they received. They are selected on the basis of their qualifications and experience. They are proficient in and thoroughly understand their working languages, English and Russian. For quality purposes, they translate only into their native language. We guarantee strict confidentiality of your documents throughout the translation process and beyond. If you want a high quality service in financial translation, Cultures Connection is the right partner for you!

Your financial documents in Russian

Below a list of examples of economic documents that Cultures Connection has already translated into Russian:

  • Key investor information documents (KIID)
  • Leaflets
  • Investment fund reports
  • Activity reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Stock exchange
  • Bank documents
  • Financial information documents
  • Investigation papers
  • Risk management and asset management documents
  • Audit reports
  • Texts concerning mergers and acquisitions
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