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Are you looking for a professional who can provide an optimal version of your financial documents in Japanese? You've come to the right place. At Cultures Connection, my colleagues and I have specialized in financial translation for many years. We understand how international companies work, we meet our clients' needs and we understand the terminology in your financial documents. Trust us, your content is in good hands.
Our expert's advice  -  Hiroto, Japanese Translator, financial translation specialist

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Accuracy and rigor are essential qualities for Japanese financial translation. A solid knowledge of the financial world is necessary but not sufficient. The professional to whom you are entrusting your translations should also know the terminology and the regulations. If the translator makes a mistake, the consequences can be very significant. The consequences are most often financial and they occur mainly in connection with the translation of insurance documents: a client may lose the guarantees adjudicated in the contract if the translation of the document is not good. A bad translation can also impede understanding and make companies lose clients who will be negatively influenced in their decision making Therefore, it is essential to choose the right translation company to whom you will entrust your financial documents translation in Japanese.

Our financial translation agency

Cultures Connection only works with professionals of the world of finance for translations of financial documents. Therefore we ensure great translation services in this field. Translators and proofreaders are selected on the basis of their qualifications and experience; they have all worked in the area of finance. The projects that we work on are given to financial specialists who are highly proficient in the languages in which they work. They are fully proficient in Japanese and English and, for better quality, only translate into their native language. Finance being a critical area, strict confidentiality is respected throughout the process of translating your financial documents into Japanese.

Financial document translation in Japanese

You will find below a list of examples of financial and economic documents translated from or into Italian:

  • Key investor information documents (KIID)
  • Leaflets
  • Investment fund reports
  • Activity reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Stock exchange
  • Bank documents
  • Financial information documents
  • Investigation papers
  • Risk management and asset management documents
  • Audit reports
  • Texts concerning mergers and acquisitions
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