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Certified Translation in French for Service Invoices in Chinese

Client: INRAE, France

Industry: Scientific

Requirement: Certified translation in French of Chinese service invoices in French for INRAE

Volume: 23 pages

Our solutions:

In order to provide solutions to global problems, INRAE, a prestigious French research institute on agriculture, food and the environment, has been working for many years in cooperation with several United Nations agencies and hundreds of international institutes. China is one of the countries with which it promotes bilateral research projects, scientific events and joint publications.

INRAE has a presence in Beijing and therefore often has translation needs for all types of documents. Cultures Connection provided the institute with the certified translation of 23 invoices for services related to its facilities and employees in China. Rent, electricity, telephone and transportation bills are some of the documents that were translated from Chinese into French.

Although knowledge in the commercial area and the Chinese language is necessary, the main difficulty in this case was that the translation had to be certified or sworn, i.e. it needed to have the signature and seal of a translator recognized by the French courts and administrations. With this official endorsement, the translations were legally valid for presentation to any public or private organization.

The spirit of cooperation between INRAE and China has contributed key knowledge on climate change, food insecurity and biodiversity loss. Cultures Connection’s contribution in this case will serve to guarantee the transparency of the French organization abroad and ensure its essential functioning for society and the planet.

Source language: English
Target language: French
Field: Scientific
Cultures Connection

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