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If you are looking for a good quality English-Greek financial translation service, Cultures Connection is the company you need.
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There are many specialities in the financial field, which further accentuates the difficulty of translation in this sector. Indeed, financial translators must master the different particularities and terminology of each of their work specialties. I have been working as a project manager for Cultures Connection for several years and I am therefore fully familiar with the address book existing in our translation agency, which allows me to quickly identify the specialist I know to be competent and qualified to carry out your project successfully. So don't wait any longer, contact us!
Our expert’s opinion  -  Lucien, Lawyer for a multinational, specialist in business translation


If you need your financial documents translating into Greek, you will certainly need to call upon the right people. Terminology is a fundamental aspect in this particular sector of translation and that is way it is absolutely crucial to use professional translation services, finding an expert in the field. They will have a foolproof knowledge of the technical terms involved and understand all financial concepts, both in English and Greek. They will also, naturally, be entirely bilingual in both of these two languages. Cultures Connection can provide for your translation needs, offering high quality services performed by professional experts.


Our agency works in direct collaboration with numerous translators, all of whom are specialists in financial translation and are faultless when it comes to financial jargon and their working languages. At Cultures Connection, we believe that accuracy and attention to detail are fundamental to any translation and that is why we select collaborators according to their qualifications and their experience in the field. They have, more often than not, studied finance at university or at a specialist school or even have professional experience in a business themselves. They are entirely qualified to translate your financial documents into Greek and guarantee you all the correct terminology used. If you have financial documents to be translated into Greek, don’t hesitate in calling upon our translation services.


Please find below a list of just some of the financial documents that we translate into Greek:

  • Stock exchange
  • Bank documents
  • Audit reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Financial information documents
  • Research papers
  • Risk management and asset management documents
  • Documents concerning mergers and acquisitions
  • Investment fund reports
  • Activity reports
  • Prospectus
  • Key investor information documents – (KIID)
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