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Conference interpreting at the Carmignac Award for Photojournalism

Cultures Connection joined the Carmignac Foundation providing their conference interpreting services to ensure success at this international event.

Every year, an exceptional jury presents the Carmignac Award for Photojournalism to support a photographic investigative reporting project in a region of the world where fundamental rights and freedoms are threatened. The winner receives a field grant of 50 000 €. Photographers have 6 months, from the selection date by the jury, to produce a photographic report on a given theme.

This Award, created in 2009 by the Carmignac Foundation, provides real support to the winning photojournalists. The Foundation also organizes a travelling exhibition and helps publish a monographic book on the winner and their work. The Carmignac Foundation is a corporate foundation, created in 2000 by Edouard Carmignac and has a collection of nearly 300 works. The 9th edition, on the theme of threats to the Arctic, took place on Monday 9 April 2018 in Paris and was chaired by a jury of experts composed of climatologists and journalists. This year, the award was won by photojournalists Yuri Kozyrev and Kadir van Lohuizen for their project “Arctic: new borders”.

At this conference, several speakers gave speeches in different languages, mainly in English and French. In order to ensure understanding and exchanges between the various speakers, conference interpreters also participated in this type of event. For the Carmignac Award, Cultures Connection offered the services of their conference interpreters in Paris. Conference interpretation services, through Cultures Connection mediation, are necessary in all types of international events like the 9th edition of the Carmignac Award.

The most common technique for conference interpreting is simultaneous interpreting, which means that the interpreter translates in real time when the speaker is speaking and conveying their message in the target language to the audience. They work at the back of the room from a small, soundproof booth which is equipped with a headset and microphone to ensure the best working conditions. Simultaneous interpreting is a difficult exercise that requires a lot of concentration during the assignments. That is why it is carried out, most of the time, in a team, and conference interpreters take turns every half hour to ensure quality translation services. Research is also carried out beforehand, to enable the interpreter to master the various subjects discussed during the conference. This work is essential for the assignment to run smoothly and allows the interpreter to be as prepared as possible for any eventuality. This part of the work consists of creating specialized glossaries and of conducting terminology research, or searching for information concerning the various participants.

The interpreter’s mission is fundamental in interlinguistic exchanges at conferences or business meetings and will surely contribute to the success of the event. The interpreter has a duty not only to the speaker, but also to the audience, for whom they must always ensure that their work is of top quality.

Translation into English: Chloe Findlay

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This article has been written by Juliana Subtil

Juliana, currently in her first year of a Master's Degree in Translation in France, after traveling in Australia for a year, she decides to go to Buenos Aires to do an internship at Cultures Connection.