4 Advanced Marketing Strategies Used by Experts Today

4 Advanced Marketing Strategies Used by Experts Today

For your business to survive, you must devise effective, high performing strategies. As more people join e-commerce, marketing is a continuous process all businesses engage in all year round.

Marketing is a continuous process all businesses engage in all year round. As more people join e-commerce, your efforts may seem not to make progress amidst the extra competition. For your business to survive, you must devise effective, high performing strategies.

Using the same strategies depletes resources; and often, there are no tangible results to show for it. Marketing experts and other modern businesses use improved strategies to get better revenue, increase their returns on investments, and be recognized by customers as a progressive brand.

Below are some top marketing strategies being used by experts today.

1. Add Value to your Products

A great product is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can use in your business. Your product can act as a marketing channel without spending extra resources on advertising mediums. Adding value offers extra motivation to existing clients; it also attracts potential buyers effortlessly.

Below are some ideas you can implement to add value to your products and services:

  • Referral Program: Instead of spending all the cash on marketing, allocate some to your existing customers. PayPal, for instance, offered their customers $10 for every successful referral they sent to the company. A referral or incentive program has the potential to double your return on investment for your marketing efforts.
  • Loyalty Points: You can choose to reward points to existing customers. They can then redeem their points in the form of discounts when they buy from you in the future. Loyalty programs delight customers who, as a result, share positive reviews and invite others to try your products and services. Such programs also encourage brand loyalty.
  • Free Trials: You can use special discounts or offer a limited time to use your products for free to attract new clients to your business. Free trials offer clients the opportunity to test products without making any investments—a great product can encourage the people who used the free version to buy the complete product from you.

2. Improve Value Of Your Content

Content forms the biggest percentage of marketing strategies in online channels. Quality and valuable content improves brand visibility, website traffic, and ensures better search engine rankings. Additionally, valuable content receives more social shares, which increases your social proof and overall traffic to your website.

For your content to rank better, you should embrace advanced digital marketing tactics like Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Experts may use an SEO audit to reveal the status of key aspects like backlinks, keywords usage, user experience, and mobile responsiveness of your website.

You can make your content rich by incorporating infographics, descriptive images, and supporting screenshots. Infographics, for instance, contain text, graphs, and supporting descriptions—these aspects improve comprehension of the content. Users can also save your content for later reading or sharing.

3. Utilize Influencer Marketing

If you’ve spent tons of resources on pay per click (PPC) campaigns, AdWords, and other marketing forms without tangible results, influencer marketing could work for you. Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing where products or services get mentions or endorsements from experts or popular figures.

Influencers have earned a level of trust from huge followings. Brands harness this trust to get some level of acceptance or social proof on social media. The new social proof is useful in unlocking new markets, audiences, and demographics—with the goal to convert them into buying customers.

It’s also important to create a marketing policy and contract with an influencer beforehand. Such a guideline will form the basis for measuring results like engagement, conversations or comments, and direct the tone of the messages created.

4. Optimize Your Social Media

Social media remains a good platform to improve your marketing strategies. Internet users rely on social media to discover new products and services, in addition to entertainment and new trends. Therefore, your social media profile should be tuned to tap into the traffic and opportunities found there.

Below are some key areas to work on:

  • Find Key Insights On Your Target Audience: Social media platforms have invested heavily in analytical tools to discover target audience demographics. You can use insights such as the gender, location, and interests of your audience to produce more optimized and targeted content to meet their needs.

If, for example, you discover most of your audience are well-educated and hold key positions in the corporate sector, listing and optimizing your business on LinkedIn could prove a masterstroke for success.

  • Incorporate Videos In Your Strategy: According to Word Stream, viewers retain 95% of video content. Also, a social post with a video receives 12 times more shares than plain images and texts.Therefore, you should incorporate videos as part of your marketing strategy for product demos, how-to tutorials, or other branding initiatives to improve customer engagement and bring more traffic to your social profiles and website.


As more businesses join e-commerce and online marketing, it will become more difficult to justify marketing budgets or get tangible results. To stay competitive, you must adapt and use new strategies to reach new markets and expand your brand’s reach.

By implementing the strategies discussed in this article, you’ll already be two steps ahead of the competition.

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This article has been written by Fabrice

Economist, linguist and investor, Fabrice is the co-founder of Cultures Connection, where he holds the position of Operations Director.