Top 5 apps for students to learn foreign languages

Top 5 apps for students to learn foreign languages

If you’ve decided to take the challenge and learn foreign languages, there are a couple of apps that are extremely popular with learners. Check it out!

It is never a bad time to learn a new language. Over 43% of people around the globe speak at least two languages. Now that learning a foreign language is obligatory in almost all academic levels, it is impossible to stay on just one language.

And why would you? Learning languages comes with great cognitive benefits. It improves brain functions, boosts your memory, and gives you a more positive outlook on people from different cultures and areas of the world. Not to mention, it can open many doors for you when you speak a language that other people use.

If you’ve decided to take the challenge and learn a new language or boost your skills in one, there are a couple of apps that are extremely popular with learners. Here are the top 5 choices at the moment.

1. Memrise

Memrise is a unique and very useful platform for learning a language directly from the natives. It features home videos of native speakers, giving you an actual insight into how the language is spoken and what it sounds like. In addition to this, Memrise uses memory techniques to help you grasp the language faster. Thanks to the simple-to-use platform, as well as the algorithm that adapts to your style and learning pace, you can keep track of what you’ve learned.

Memrise promotes diversity. This is one of the apps that will teach you more about the culture of people who speak the language. You should also check out these diversity essays for free to learn more about the topic, or maybe even get an inspiration for your next essay assignment.

2. Busuu

Busuu offers users feedback from various native speakers. Its approach is similar to that of Memrise, but with a different unique approach. You can use Busuu for language lessons and their technology that mimics traditional classrooms. And, you can use the speakers’ feedback to perfect your language techniques.

Right now, Busuu has over 100 million users worldwide, all thanks to its interactivity and scope of languages taught. You can choose between 12 languages and numerous exercise reviews, full courses, and accent training. There’s hardly another app that offers all this. If you opt for premium upgrades, you can get official certificates and grammar tips also.

3. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is an OG language learning app that’s been available for over 25 years now. Thanks to their popular TruAccent recognition program, you can track your speech patterns and get tips on how to fine-tune your current pronunciation. Rosetta Stone teaches you more than just grammar and general tips – it also teaches you to sound like a local.

The app currently offers 24 different languages and the chance to start from zero. You begin with simple classes with visuals and repetition. As you progress, you can learn vocabulary and grammar, review your progress, and check the correct answers and feedback in terms of your pronunciation.

4. Duolingo

For several years now, Duolingo has appeared in almost every list of top-rated language apps. It is a colourful and interactive application available in desktop form, also. It features an intuitive interface and allows users to progress at their own pace.

If you use Duolingo, you can start from scratch. It will provide you with simple words and phrases and gradually move to more complex learning. This app is simpler than the previous apps in this list, but it offers quite the range of activities. By combining writing, learning, and pronunciation exercises, you’ll pick up the basics of a new language really fast.

5. Babbel

Babbel is time-efficient, which makes it ideal for a busy student who wants to learn a new language. Each of the lessons on this platform is bite-sized. You can study for 10 to 15 minutes every day and learn alongside a packed schedule.

The app has many levels that gradually build your language skills. They repeat what has been taught to help learners memorize new words and rules. Lessons cover various scenarios and are created with the help of native speakers.

If you aren’t ready to pay the subscription just yet, you can try out a first lesson on Babbel for free. There’s a selection of 14 different languages available at the moment.

Final Thoughts

Speaking two or more languages comes with numerous benefits for your brain, memory, perception, and even social life. It’s an amazing way to better yourself and open up numerous opportunities for when you graduate. This is why learning a new language is never a bad idea, and it is more than available today thanks to the array of available apps.

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