26/04/2021 -
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How Reading Books in a Foreign Language Helps You Learn It: On the Example of a Book – 1984

You can learn a new or foreign language in different ways. You can take a class, speak with foreign acquaintances, hire a tutor, or watch a lot of foreign movies with subtitles. Any of these methods will help you learn. But there is one method that can take you to the next level and that […]

29/01/2021 -
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Are Foreign Students Poor in Essay Writing in English?

Are Foreign Students Poor in Essay Writing in English? The demand for essay writing among students in many institutions has increased significantly in the recent past. Colleges and universities are admitting both natives and international students. As part of the assessment, the students are required to write good essays from time to time. All students […]

14/01/2021 -
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5 Ways That Being Bilingual Can Benefit Your Career

Thanks to technology and the internet, business is no longer restricted to local commerce. The global reach of business spans worldwide across borders and cultures. Employees that can speak more than one language have a particular value to businesses. If you can speak common languages like Spanish, Mandarin, or French, you possess a skill that […]

How to write application paper in English: Guide for foreign students

Apart from learning how to structure a text, writing an application paper in English requires mastery of spelling, grammar, punctuation and tone of the essay.

Top 5 apps for students to learn foreign languages

If you’ve decided to take the challenge and learn foreign languages, there are a couple of apps that are extremely popular with learners. Check it out!

How to improve your foreign language skills

New languages need to be practiced regularly if students want to become in their language. Here’s how you can achieve language proficiency.

7 reasons why multilingual students have an advantage in writing papers

Becoming a polyglot takes time and effort, but it is really helpful to write essays. These are 7 ways being multilingual can positively affect your writing.

Tips for keeping your brain powered up when learning a new language

Learning a new language can be a complex endeavor and, although rewarding, it can sometimes deplete a little (or a lot) of your brainpower. Here are some of our best tips for keeping you focused while trying to learn something new.