The translation of a White Paper is not always an easy exercise

The translation of a white paper is not always an easy exercise

A white paper is a professional document that is usually issued by a company, which presents objective and current data on a subject.

What is a white paper?

A white paper is a professional document usually issued by a company, which presents objective and current data on a subject, such as its economic activities. Originally, a white paper was intended for political use, such as the white paper on Defence published by the French government which laid out its defence strategy. Today, although certain institutional aspects tend to persist, this format is mainly used by businesses.

A new multifaceted tool for business development

Lying somewhere halfway between the information brochure extolling the virtues of a product and technical documentation intended for engineers and technicians, the white paper has nonetheless made room for itself in the media. Generally aimed at professionals, this type of format is used in numerous sectors, such as automotive, banking, high-tech, etc. Highly specialised sectors such as, for example, software development, leading-edge technologies, Web development, medical equipment, electronic devices, scientific or technical services or even online learning, also use this tool as a way of presenting their activities.

Hiring professional translation services is now an obligation for companies

As companies become more and more internationalized in the global market, the translation services needed for white papers are increasingly in demand. This is a difficult task, mainly due to the sheer length of these kinds of documents. Each white paper has its own specificities, and any professional translator hired must employ all their expertise to produce a quality translation. This institutional document is a reflection of the company as a whole and thus it is vital to be on the ball when doing the translation as even a small mistake can spell disaster for the company’s strategic decisions.  Any company seeking have its white paper translated should therefore carefully choose its translation company, as their image is on the line!

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