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Our translation agency has been juggling with the complexity of terminology used in scientific translation for a long time now. My aim as project manager is to customize our service offer for your projects in the most appropriate way possible. Cultures Connection guarantees that your projects will be translated by scientific translation specialists who are able to meet all current quality standards.
Our expert’s opinion  -  Fabrice, project manager, specialist in Urdu scientific translation services


Scientific translation can be a particularly tricky task due to the complexities of the terms often employed in the sector. The terminology can be very decisive and translators must know the language inside and out in order to produce a piece of finished work which is as accurate as possible. The slightest translation error could lead to a miscommunication and, as a result, rather serious consequences. That is why you should trust in Cultures Connection and its wide network of expert translators, including numerous specialists in Urdu medical translation, who have a foolproof knowledge of the terms used in their particular field.


Over the years, our translation agency has made connections to form a vast network of scientific translation specialists who are capable of providing you with fast, reliable and high quality translations. At Cultures Connection, our translators are all selected based on their experience in the translation profession but also their qualifications in the scientific sector. We guarantee that our translators know the nuances of the trade like the back of their hand and have an in-depth knowledge of the precise terminology needed for Urdu scientific translation. They always strive to provide you with translation services of the highest caliber and at the best prices.


At Cultures Connection, we offer a wide range of various scientific translation services. Please find a list of examples below:

  • Lexicons, scientific encyclopedias and glossaries
  • Technical documents and research articles
  • Operator and user manuals
  • Laboratory tests, testing protocols
  • Legal documents, patents and guidelines
  • Specifications
  • Cross-country project and market studies
  • Simulation software (biotech, environment, industrial site redevelopment)
  • Multimedia and video presentations
  • Translation and localization of websites
  • Translation of technical manuals, conference presentations
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