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Do you need an English to Spanish scientific translation? You can rely on Cultures Connection and its wide network of translators.

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My role as project manager is to recruit the best translator to process your scientific documents. At Cultures Connection, we we are fully aware of the challenges involved in translating your materials and the complexity of the terminology used. We assign your projects to scientific translation specialists and deliver final documents that meet all current industry quality standards.
Our expert's advice  -  Fabrice, Project Manager, scientific translation specialist

English to Spanish scientific translation

In the context of an English to Spanish scientific translation, it is essential to always entrust your project to a translation agency that provides great translation services which, in turn, will submit your documents to the most qualified professionals. Technical scientific terminology requires particular attention. Whether we are talking about DNA manipulations, biodiversity or biotechnology, using the right terms is sometimes vital! For best results, this complex task should be assigned to a Spanish scientific translator. Believe us when we say that our extensive network of translators will undoubtedly enable us to find one for you!

Our translation office

Cultures Connection has extensive experience and practice in the area of scientific translation from and into Spanish. Thanks to their expertise in terms of project management and in terms of selecting qualified translators, they will meet your needs perfectly. The principle is simple: each project has its very own translator! Do you have scientific documents to send to Spain or Latin America? Look no further, you have come to the right place. We will provide you with translations of the highest quality, which will satisfy the expectations of your readers.

Scientific document translation in Spanish

The scientific translations that are entrusted to us are varied. Here a few examples of documents that we translate from and into Spanish on a daily basis:

  • Lexicons, scientific encyclopedias and glossaries
  • Technical documents and research articles
  • Operator and user manuals
  • Laboratory tests, testing protocols
  • Legal documents, patents and guidelines
  • Specifications
  • Cross-country project and market studies
  • Simulation software (biotech, environment, industrial site redevelopment)
  • Multimedia and video presentations
  • Translation and localization of websites
  • Translation of technical manuals, conference presentations
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