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Kerim, traducteur turc, spécialiste de la traduction scientifique

En tant que chercheur et traducteur, je dispose des compétences et du savoir-faire nécessaires pour toute traduction scientifique de qualité vers le turc. En confiant vos textes à Cultures Connection, vous pouvez compter sur la précision d'un travail rigoureux qui adaptera vos idées au public cible en veillant au respect de la terminologie spécifique et du contexte linguistique et culturel. Seuls de véritables experts de la traduction scientifique peuvent comprendre les enjeux de vos projets et vous fournir des traductions à la fois fiables et qualitatives.

English to Turkish scientific translation requires meticulous work

Scientific translation and terminology research go hand in hand. Indeed, it is unthinkable to start a Turkish scientific translation without having previously prepared the terminology. This is painstaking research, because there are many different scientific areas and a term is not always the same from one area to the other. Specialized textbooks and dictionaries are there to support the technical translator, but sometimes the client’s help is requested.

Our translation agency

Cultures Connection works with many Turkish translators and proofreaders. Their large number enables us to cover a wide variety of scientific areas such as DNA manipulation, geology, sustainable development and medicine, to name just a few. They are highly proficient in languages and are therefore competent with English and Turkish terminology. Our Turkish scientific translators produce work that combines precision, quality and timeliness. If you are looking for great translation services, choose our agency.

Scientific document translation in Turkish

Our translation company offers its Turkish scientific translation services for a wide range of documents. Here are some examples:

  • Lexicons, scientific encyclopedias and glossaries
  • Technical documents and research articles
  • Operator and user manuals
  • Laboratory tests, testing protocols
  • Legal documents, patents and guidelines
  • Specifications
  • Cross-country project and market studies
  • Simulation software (biotech, environment, industrial site redevelopment)
  • Multimedia and video presentations
  • Translation and localization of websites
  • Translation of technical manuals, conference presentations

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