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If you want to reach more players, offer them your video game in their native language! How do you go about it? By entrusting your project to a professional translator who will be able to transmit all the information the player needs to progress in the game while respecting the initial intentions of the developer. Of course, this task is far from simple. But by assigning it to a video game translation expert, you are sure to get reliable and qualitative results. Personally, my goal as a professional translator is that the player does not feel my intervention. It must feel that the game was designed in their own language.
Our expert's advice  -  Danilo, Italian Translator, video games translation specialist

Italian video games translation

This is more localization than translation. The localization of video games is indeed a process a bit more complex than a simple translation. One has to adapt the content to the language and to the cultural references of the target market while remaining loyal to the orientation, length and context of the source text. The video game translator must also adapt many elements from the interface: dialogues, menus, subtitles, instructions, etc. However, one also mustn’t forget communication materials such as the jacket, the user manual, advertising posters, etc.

Our translation company localizes your games in Italian

In order to offer the same gaming experience to the Italian public and to the French-speaking public, our video game localizers work hard to leave no detail to chance. With a good level of education, fluent in two or more languages, they also have a passion for video games. Who is in a better position than the players themselves to deal with the localization of your video games in Italian? If you want to distribute your game worldwide, Cultures Connection is the translation agency that you need! Choosing our translation services is opting for quality and success.

Our Italian video games translation services

Our translation company deals with the translation of different types of video games materials, including:

  • Video games translation
  • Video game localization
  • Project management
  • Subtitles
  • Recording and dubbing
  • Quality control
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