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Give your players the opportunity to play in their language. We offer English-French video games translation services.
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Do you want to offer the same multimedia experience to your French-speaking and English-speaking audiences? When they play, users appreciate being offered the game in their own language. This way, they can better understand the lines, dialogues and subtleties. Passionate about this sector, I have been translating video games for 6 years now. My experience and knowledge enable me to identify the needs of the target audience and deliver high quality translations to my clients.
Our expert's advice  -  Kiara, French Translator, video game translation specialist

French video games translation: reach out to more players

To optimize your French players’ experience, offer them your video game in their native language! How can you do that? By contacting Cultures Connection. Our translation agency will assign your project to a translator who can demonstrate flexibility, intuition, and language skills and who can understand the culture of the target audience The difficulty lies in the fact that the video game translator will have to find equivalents to short sentences, instructions and segments without any context. His objective will be to give the player the impression that the game was originally designed in his own language. He mustn’t feel that a translator has been there.

Our translation company localizes your video game

Our translation services include the translation and more specifically with the localization of your video games. Optimal results necessarily involve the adaptation of the game itself to the culture of the English-speaking country in question. It is therefore necessary to adapt the content to the language and to the culture of the target market while respecting the original meaning, context and nuance. Our English French and French English translators are experienced and specialized in this field. We have chosen them because they are sufficiently competent and experienced to pass on all the information the player needs to play the game while respecting the original intentions of the game developer.

Our English French video games translation services

We deal with the translation of different types of audiovisual materials, including:

  • Video games translation
  • Video game localization
  • Project management
  • Subtitles
  • Recording and dubbing
  • Quality control
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