How to write application paper in English Guide for foreign students

How to write application paper in English: Guide for foreign students

Apart from learning how to structure a text, writing an application paper in English requires mastery of spelling, grammar, punctuation and tone of the essay.

Writing the perfect application paper is not easy, especially if you are not native in English. For international students, this process will be way more challenging than for natives, which is why they must put in more effort. The time that you set aside to prepare for this process will, however, be beneficial to you in the long run – that’s provided that you want to get into a good university. Admissions officers can be picky and might be even pretentious at highly rated universities, regardless of your nationality. Most of them will blindly review your application paper and determine whether you’re worth it or not. This is why you must impress them from the very first start. Here is a quick guide on how to do it – and succeed.

1. Practice your English way before your deadline

Since you are a foreign student, chances are you haven’t spoken English regularly at home or even outside your house. You might be taking regular English classes at your school – but that is not enough. Not if you want to get into a good school in the U.S. For that, you might want to look into taking private English lessons or, if not, you could always practice with your friends or even parents. Make sure that you get conversational in English before you must submit your application. This process takes time and on-going effort, so start at least one year before you want to apply.

2. Learn how to write well

You must improve your English skills before anything else (and not only conversational). You will want to learn how to write accordingly. In college, you will have thousands of writing requirements – of course, depending on your chosen major – so you must set the right basis now. To do so, learn new vocabulary words every day, understand English spelling and punctuation, improve your grammar, and read tons. Make sure you write regularly. I would say you should make a habit of writing at least 1,000 words per day.

3. Have someone proofread your work carefully

Learning how to write well is not enough – you must also get feedback in order to improve. Thus, ensure that you have someone proofread your work carefully before moving to the next assignments. Maybe you don’t know that in the UK, London service writes assignments for students for very cheap, so you could try checking in with their service. Professional English writers will proofread your essay and offer you the necessary feedback. If not, you can always reach out to your high-school teachers, I am sure they would be more than happy to help you out.

4. Learn the structure of an essay

To get into a highly rated university, you must write according to their guidelines – that means that you must pay close attention to their instructions. After you understood them well, ensure that your essay structure technique is on point. You will want to brainstorm the best topic to write on firstly, and then, you’ll want to structure your essay into three parts: an intro, a body, and a conclusion.

What makes some of the best essays are life stories combined with subtle explanations of your personality, so make sure that you have a clear understanding of what is requested. Also, you don’t have to write your essay in that order – intro, body, conclusion. For what is worth, you could start with the conclusion or the body part if that works better for you. However, make sure you start your application assignments at least three to four months before it is due. Work on them daily and modify them as needed.

5. Catch your reader’s attention from the start

One of the most important tips to keep in mind is developing a good essay hook. Remember that your reviewer reads at least one hundred essays per day – that is their job in the end – so you must ensure that yours stands out. That means hook them with an unexpected commentary or statement. The best essays are shocking and empowering, but most importantly original, which brings me to the next point.

6. Be authentic

Universities are looking for college students who think outside the box and are brave enough to state what they think. Do not copy other past students’ essay formats or assignments but find your own. Do not try to use phrases that you don’t understand or ideas that have caught the admission officer’s attention before. Use only words and sentences that you have a clear understanding of and say what you think, nonetheless. Also, don’t struggle for perfection. Your application paper won’t and should not be perfect. You are a recent high-school graduate who wants to attend college to learn more – and reviewers know that!


Make sure that you start ahead of time and practice your English skills thoroughly. Learn how to write well, polish your grammar, and read as much as you can. Learn how to structure your essay accordingly and be original no matter what. You got this!

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This article has been written by Fabrice

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