Start a Translation Career: A Guide for Students

Start a translation career: A guide for students

Is it your dream to start a translation career? For those of you who want to become a translator but need guidance, we are here to help.

“I want to become a translator” is not something many people think of. Yet there are plenty who aspire to become translators. There are numerous apps that translate a list of languages in the blink of an eye. Nevertheless, a translator is still in high demand because as smart as technology is these days, there are still plenty of jobs that require a human touch.

Translation can be considered a science of language. For instance, in chemistry, compatible atoms and molecules from a substance, similarly in language words come together to form statements. Though language as chemistry might be considered complex and tough, it can be mastered with extra chemistry help every now and then. Thanks to a little bit of chemistry homework help, one gain confidence in their respective subject. So conduct as much research as you can and obtain knowledge about the career path you are interested in. 

Translator career

Translation as a career is an unorthodox career path, unlike the mainstream career path people choose. While it is very easy to find role models and mentors in those conventional career paths, it is quite tough to do the same for a career in translation. For those of you who want to become a translator but are lost and confused as to what your first step should be; or need guidance in order to reach your goal, we are here to help. 

How to be a translator? 

The first and obvious step to become a translator would be for you to select a language you are interested in. The second step would be for you to master the language and study it thoroughly so that you are fluent in it. The next step might be to consider taking extensive training in the language. Note that it is not necessary to have any certifications to become a translator. However, being certified in it does give your clients more confidence in the quality of your work. The process of becoming a certified translator might be a bit elaborative. There are various types of certified translator titles you can specialize in (it does differ from one country to another). For example, the certification titles you can secure in Canada are:

– Certified translator

– Certified conference interpreter

– Certified interpreter

– Certified court interpreter

– Certified terminologist 

Where does translation begin? 

Translation begins in understanding what your client/audience expects from you. When you get an assignment, be sure to understand what they need and what is expected from you. Do not assume anything and make your own interpretation of a situation. If you are unsure or confused, do not hesitate to ask and discuss the issues with your client(s).

How does translation work?

The main motive of translation is to get the message through to the audience in the desired tongue. Constructing and communicating the same message in another language and being able to get the message through is quite challenging. The most important factor for you to consider would be to understand the overall gist of what you are translating so that you can capture the ethos of the content in your translation. 

Successful Translation

Just being able to translate words from one language to another is not enough. We have heard a great deal about the term ‘lost in translation’. Often, in different languages, literal translations of words from one language to another do not hold the same meaning when put together in a sentence. For a quality translation, you need to be able to understand the essence of what you are translating. 

Accumulate experiences

If you are a student who has set your mind on becoming a translator but do not know where to start. There are plenty of online translation jobs for students available. It would be a good idea to have a head start to becoming a translator by doing so online on a small scale at a time. There are plenty of online platforms that demand writers to translate documents. It will help you build confidence in your work and will help you build your resume as well. As you move on and take on more complex and serious translation work you will be able to deliver quality content.

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