Translating your website: The key to success!

At a time when the Internet has become a key actor, discover how translating your website is to your company advantage!

At a time when the Internet has become a core part of any business enterprise, breaking down language barriers is an undeniable necessity. Your website, which acts as a showcase of your business, is your most powerful communication tool. Therefore, professional website translation has become an important factor in your international growth.

Boost sales turnover

Translating your website into several languages allows your company to export abroad as well as expand its visibility, leading to increased sales. According to a study of the Common Sense Advisory research institute, companies with a multilingual website have a 150% greater chance of seeing their sales revenue increase each year than a company with a monolingual site. A translated website also opens doors to new markets and new buyers.

Inspire confidence in your customer base

Online users form an opinion about a website in a matter of seconds. Naturally, they are more inclined to be attracted to a site written in their own language. They feel more confident and are therefore more likely to read posts, and even take the step to make a purchase. The message that you wish to convey to them will have a stronger impact. Translating your site ensures better comprehension which in turn ensures better communication. No more approximations!

Better search engine rankings with SEO content

Localising your website helps you benefit from higher rankings on search engines. Translators are skilled in the vocabulary and expressions used in the target country. When web users use those keywords in their searches, your website will appear ahead of those of your competitors.

Enhanced credibility

A multilingual website demonstrates to potential clients that you are a credible and professional company with an international reach. Showing that you know how to adapt to your various customer bases enhances your image.

A considerable advantage

In an increasingly competitive market, your company must always be looking for ways to stand out. Availing yourself of website translation services provides you with a big advantage on the global market.

A word of advice? A professional translator must demonstrate excellent linguistic, cultural and technical skills. It is highly recommended that you have your website translated by a translation agency in order to ensure your efforts are successful.

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This article has been written by Pauline

After studying translation and communication in Paris, Pauline travelled a lot and decided to settle down in Buenos Aires to do an internship at Cultures Connection.