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Choosing the right translation agency

Finding a translation agency is an easy task today, but finding the right one for your specific industry might be harder than you think.

In today’s tough economic environment, more and more firms are “going global” to deal with harsh national competition. Global success, however, depends on an ability to communicate effectively across cultural and linguistic boundaries. A translation agency is a key partner for ensuring successful global expansion. A recent Common Sense Advisory study listed about 25 000 translation agencies worldwide. With so many agencies, how do I choose the right translation partner?

Evaluating translation agencies should be based on three major factors:

  • Experience
  • Quality
  • Adaptability

Experience is the first thing to consider. It is essential to choose an agency with translators who have done previous work in your field in their native language. This experience will give them the ability to handle your needs with skill and efficiency. Social networks are a good tool to check an agency’s reputation.

The second criterion is quality. A good translation agency demonstrates quality both in their translators as well as their managers. An agency’s translators should have deep content knowledge and a solid, formal education. And their managers should be dedicated to monitoring quality control and meeting deadlines. Be careful that low prices might mean low-paid translators who are less motivated and efficient, which in the end, could mean lower quality.

A quality agency should also be able to adapt to its clients–to answer their expectations and to meet their specific requests. Make sure that the managerial team is available to listen to your needs. As language is a matter of nuances, especially when dealing with various cultures, it is essential that an agency be flexible. As you interact with an agency, get a sense of who they are. Are they professional? Personable? Who they are as people will often tell you what their work will be like.

You are now an expert to differentiate translation agencies to pick the proper one for your needs.

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This article has been written by Edouard

Edouard loves travelling and entrepreneurship; he is the co-founder of Cultures Connection and was the company’s former Business Development Director.