Translation of commercial material on seafood products in several languages

Translation of Commercial Material on Seafood Products in Several Languages

Client: Clearwater Seafoods, from Canada.

Industry: Commercial

Needs:  Translation of seafood commercial material from English into several languages such as German, Japanese, Thai or Vietnamese.

Volume: Between 100 and 5000 words, according to the project.

Our Solutions: 

Clearwater Seafoods is a Canadian company that has been committed to the production, marketing, and distribution of premium seafood products globally for over 40 years. Its operations span across all stages of the seafood production system, and it collaborates with international companies to ensure the highest quality standards.

 As part of its business, the company requires commercial and marketing documents translated into various languages. To this end, Clearwater Seafoods has partnered with Cultures Connection since 2020.

Cultures Connection boasts a team of native professionals proficient in more than 80 languages, with expertise in various sectors. This diverse team enables Cultures Connection to offer translation services with a focus on commerce and fishing for both common languages like French, German, and Spanish, as well as rare languages such as Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Clearwater Seafoods entrusts Cultures Connection with documents such as seafood production process reports, seafood nutrition and consumption information labels, and product regulations for specific countries. The translation services provided by Cultures Connection are of the highest quality, with accurate translations delivered on time. This level of quality is possible due to the competence of the translators employed and the years of experience working together.

Source language: English
Target language: German
Field: Business
Cultures Connection

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