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Faced with the evolution, diffusion and internationalization of the field of health and medicine, the need for medical translations is constantly growing. Medical techniques, technologies and procedures are constantly developing and making them available in other languages has become a major challenge. By translating medical notices, books or publications, you give thousands of people access to this vital information in their mother tongue. Cultures Connection and its team of professionals will accompany you in this project.
Our expert's advice  -  Catarina, Portuguese Translator, medical translation specialist

English Portuguese medical translation : a highly specific terminology

Nowadays, Portuguese medical translation is becoming increasingly necessary. Manufacturers of medical products who wish to export to Portugal or Brazil are forced to translate their technical documents, labels, leaflets and manuals in Portuguese. This is a work of high complexity that requires extreme precision and zero tolerance for errors and misunderstandings. Therefore, the golden rule is to always use the services of a Portuguese medical translation professional. Cultures Connection will find one for you!

Looking for a good medical translation agency?

Whatever your needs in medical translation, our translation company will offer you the most cost effective solution while ensuring exemplary compliance with regulations of local markets. You need the services of an English Portuguese medical translator or a Portuguese English medical translator? We’ll entrust your project with professionalism to our extensive network of medical translation specialists. We’ve chosen them because they combine impeccable language skills with excellent knowledge of specific jargon and medical concepts. Our medical translators all work into their native language and meet extremely strict criteria. Choose safety, reliability and quality: choose Cultures Connection that offers great translation services!

Medical document translation in Portuguese

We translate all types of medical documents. Here is a list of examples of texts that we translate on a daily basis:

  • Journals
  • Conference reports
  • Publications
  • Project and research reports
  • Results of studies and reports of new research
  • Works of general interest
  • Test reports
  • Questionnaires
  • Leaflets
  • Dosages for new products
  • Clinical trial results
  • Pharmaceutical regulations
  • Medical reports
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