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Do you need an English-Italian medical translation? Cultures Connection offers translation services of medical documents.
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Medical translation is one of the most complicated translation exercices. The technical nature of the terms used makes the translator's task extremely difficult. The quality standards to be met are uncompromising. The repercussions caused by an error or inaccuracy can be serious and nothing should therefore be neglected. To avoid any inconvenience, there is only one solution: entrust this task to a medical translation professional specialized in the subject covered in your document.
Our expert's advice  -  Giulia, Italian Translator, medical translation specialist

English Italian medical translation

Medical translation is one of our most requested specializations, particularly into and from Italian. This is an area where rigor is required. An English Italian or Italian English medical translator can’t afford to make approximations and therefore take the risk of facing disastrous consequences. Just as doctors specialize in certain branches, translators also have their chosen fields. It’s important to choose a language service provider who is familiar with the topic of the medical document that you want to translate. Cultures Connection will find this specialist for you.

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Our medical translators all specialize in a particular area and are therefore aware of the realities and demands of this specialty. The specialties in which our translation agency offers expertise include among other specialties: general, dental, veterinary medicine and cardiology. Our specialists are also fully proficient with medical jargon in English as well as in Italian so as to provide you with accurate work in conformity with the source text. For the translation of your medical documents into and from Italian, you can trust our translation services.

Medical document translation in Italian

Here’s a list of examples of medical documents that Cultures Connection has already translated in the past:

  • Journals
  • Conference reports
  • Publications
  • Project and research reports
  • Results of studies and reports of new research
  • Works of general interest
  • Test reports
  • Questionnaires
  • Leaflets
  • Dosages for new products
  • Clinical trial results
  • Pharmaceutical regulations
  • Medical reports
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