Translation into English of educational material for a French business university

Translation into English of Educational Material for a French Business University

Client: EDHEC, from France.

Industry: Education

Needs:  Translation of educational content for business university from French into English.

Volume: More than 1000 words, according to the project.

Our Solutions: 

EDHEC is a world-renowned business university that stands out as a leader in its field. With a student body of over 46,000 across five campuses worldwide, the institution frequently requires the translation of academic materials and university brochures. To this end, it entrusts the task to Cultures Connection, a translation agency with extensive experience in translating educational and business documents.

Among the many documents that EDHEC has entrusted to Cultures Connection for translation from French into English are business and financial research papers, program presentations, and student FAQs. The agency’s translators possess academic and scientific backgrounds, enabling them to understand the publishing practices and policies of universities. Moreover, their expertise in the fields of business, finance, business administration, and entrepreneurship ensures that translations accurately reflect the appropriate terminology and concepts.

Communication between the two institutions is seamless and straightforward, as Cultures Connection has offices in Nice, one of the cities where EDHEC has a campus. This proximity ensures the best possible customer service along with the highest quality translations.

Source language: French
Target language: English
Field: Education
Cultures Connection

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