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My responsibilities as a project manager are numerous. The most important in my eyes is to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality legal translations possible. Indeed, I am convinced that there is a specific translator for each translation project. My job is therefore to find the specialist which best meets your legal translation requirements. Thanks to our vast network of translators, I am sure I can count on professionals experienced in their fields and working languages to ensure that quality will always be emphasized.
Our expert’s opinion  -  Fabrice, project manager, specialist in Korean legal translation services


Legal translation presents a real challenge even to some specialised professional translators. Every country has its own unique legal system and, even if sometimes certain concepts or legal terms are relatively similar in certain cases, no two systems are ever the same. Therefore, it is highly important to have access to the services of a translator who is an expert in the field of Korean legal translation and who possesses all the capabilities and the linguistic and legal knowledge required to produce translations of a foolproof standard.


Cultures Connection offers its clients a large network of expert translators, specialised in legal translation into Korean. Our agency selects highly experienced translators who hold all the qualifications and abilities required for the legal translation sector and who can thus guarantee you translation services of the highest caliber. They are translators who understand the need to approach terminological research with the a newly found verve and accuracy each time in order to be entirely at your service which it comes to legal material. Choosing our translation agency means choosing precision and reliability!


Legal documents can be highly varied when it comes to subject matter and type. However, our translators are accurate and accomplished in working to produce all of the following material:

  • Distribution, sales and employment contracts
  • Filing complaints
  • Legal procedures
  • Terms and conditions
  • Expert reports
  • Regulations
  • Inheritance records
  • Divorce petitions
  • Clauses of non-competition and non-confidentiality
  • Letters of intent
  • Proxies
  • Court releases
  • Articles of association

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