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Fabrice, chef de projet, spécialiste de la traduction juridique en italien

En tant que chef de projet, je m'engage à me charger du bon déroulement de la traduction de vos documents juridiques. Je confie chaque projet aux traducteurs les plus adaptés et les plus compétents. Conscient que la traduction juridique italien français est un exercice complexe et technique, je mets un point d'honneur à assigner cette tâche à un spécialiste expérimenté. Cultures Connection collabore avec de nombreux professionnels de la traduction juridique. Ainsi, je peux toujours compter sur des traducteurs compétents et m'assurer que les résultats seront à la hauteur de vos exigences.

Work done by professionals of English Italian legal translation

Legal translation is complex. Many terms differ depending on the language in which they are used or because they simply have no equivalent. Legal concepts are not the same depending on the country or the jurisdiction. Precision of language is essential in the field of law because a mistake could have serious repercussions. A good knowledge of legal issues that include both the source and target text is therefore necessary for legal translation.

Our legal translation agency

Choosing Cultures Connection for your Italian legal translations is opting for reliability, timeliness and accuracy. Our translation agency enjoys proven experience in translating various types of Italian legal documents. Our standards are extremely high. All the projects that we take on are entrusted to our team of professional translators and proofreaders. They are specialized in Italian and English as well as in the field of legal translation. They have either worked in this field as lawyers, experts or in other related professions, or have undergone intensive training. The price for this type of translation service is generally higher than for regular translations because it must be done by experts in the subject.

Legal document translation in Italian

Here below are a few examples of different types of Italian legal documents that our translation company has already translated:

  • Distribution, sales and employment contracts
  • Filing complaints
  • Legal procedures
  • Terms and conditions
  • Expert reports
  • Regulations
  • Inheritance records
  • Divorce petitions
  • Clauses of non-competition and non-confidentiality
  • Letters of intent
  • Proxies
  • Court releases
  • Articles of association

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