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If you want to reach more players, offer them your video game in their native language! How to go about it? By trusting your project to a professional translator who will be able to convey all the information that the player needs to progress in the game while respecting the initial intentions of the developer. Of course, this task is far from simple. But by assigning it to a video game translation expert, you are sure to obtain high quality translations that are faithful to the original text. My personal goal as a professional translator is that the player does not feel my intervention. They must have the impression that the game was designed in his own language.
Our expert's opinion  -  Sophie, project manager, specialist in video game translation


When it comes to video game translation, localization goes far beyond a simple translation of words. In fact, the video game needs to be adapted for the target language, optimising gaming experience. Even though English is predominantly the universal language of the gaming industry, players enjoy having the option of playing in their own language so they can fully understand the dialogues as well as the twists and turns of the plot. Only a professional translator, who is an expert in this field, can translate your material accurately. Cultures Connection offers you high quality video game translation services into Greek.


If you are looking to launch your new game in the Greek market, trust in our agency to provide you with fast, reliable and polished translation services. Our Greek translators are experts in this type of translation and have a faultless knowledge of the language. They also share in your love of gaming and therefore understand the need to translate video games into their mother tongue. Cultures Connection is the translation agency you need.


Please find below a list of video game translation services that we offer at Cultures Connection:

  • Video game translation
  • Video game localization
  • Project management
  • Subtitles
  • Recording and dubbing
  • Quality control
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