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In my work, the responsibilities are very great. All the documents we handle in the legal field have a legal value that cannot be omitted during translation. The consequences can be very serious for my firm and our clients. This is why the choice of our language service provider was essential. We called upon Cultures Connection because we quickly understood that accuracy and rigour were fundamental values for this translation agency. Our relationship started in 2010 and we are totally satisfied with the services provided. Whatever our translation project, we know that quality will be there, as well as precision and reliability.
Our client’s opinion  -  Lucien, lawyer for a multinational firm


Legal translation requires both a great deal of linguistic skills and also considerable knowledge of the legal field. Only a professional translator who is highly experienced in legal and judicial terminology will be able to provide you with quality translation services. Something that makes this kind of translation particularly difficult, in comparison with other fields, is that each country has its own unique legal system, therefore making it difficult to find equivalents of terms and concepts that simply do not exist in the system of the target language.The specialist may well have to undertake a considerable amount of research that is relative to the specific concepts used in the judicial field. For all these reasons, it is crucial to use a translation service that specialise in the subject.


Choosing our translation agency means choosing accurate and reliable translations of your legal documents. At Cultures Connection, we understand that translating your legal documents is a sensitive task but that if it is done by a specialist in the field, the quality, accuracy and precision will be guaranteed. That is why we exclusively select professional translators who are specialists in the legal sector with their own experience in the field as either lawyers or legal experts, often having had expert legal training to fully understand all the terms and concepts involved. Therefore trust in the skills and knowledge of our agency to produce high-quality and precise translations at a competitive price in Bosnian.


Please find below a list of example legal translations that we have already worked to translate into Bosnian here at Cultures Connection:

  • Distribution, sales and employment contracts
  • Filing complaints
  • Legal procedures
  • Terms and conditions
  • Expert reports
  • Regulations
  • Inheritance records
  • Divorce petitions
  • Clauses of non-competition and non-confidentiality
  • Letters of intent
  • Proxies
  • Court releases
  • Articles of association

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