Translation of a business blog

Why Translate Your Corporate Blog?

Does your company website have a blog? If you want to expand globally, it’s time to think about translating your blog posts. This is the most effective way to get your brand or project noticed by your target markets. Use this opportunity to prove that you are familiar with the needs, expectations and culture of your target customers, and as a chance to engage readers.

Cultures Connection brings you the answers to the most important questions about translating a company blog, to give your company a boost and market your products, services or projects.

1. How to translate a corporate blog?

2. Why does translating a blog improve SEO?

1. How to translate a corporate blog?

To have your company, organization, university, or foundation’s blog translated, let’s look at the options available.

Remember that a blog is an asset on a professional website in the country where your company is headquarted, as well as in the other countries where you sell products or services. A blog is a great showcase for customers in your country as well as for international customers. It’s a marketing tool that remains relevant to advertise in a different way and to attract new customers with advice, tips, or solutions. Based on the goals you set for your blog, you can create and feed several categories as the company evolves, when you have new products or services, as well as news.

Here Cultures Connection shares the options available to translate a corporate blog:

  • Machine translation. You can have a text translated automatically using a variety of software or plugins. However, this option is suitable only for a personal blog, when for example you talk about your hobby. Using machine translation for a blog does not guarantee the quality required for a corporate blog. The image of your company, school or organization must be associated with quality, care, and content accurately translated.

  • Translation by bilingual or so-called bilingual people. The hope of paying a low price or getting a free translation service by asking bilingual colleagues, friends or neighbors is alluring. Translation is a career that requires education and professional experience. You may ask friends to translate a sentence or two, but avoid asking them to translate whole articles from your business blog. Blogging in French, Japanese or Hindi is not for everyone.

  • Professional human translation. Hiring professional translators in communication and marketing writing –who at the same time are experts in your sector– is inarguably a quality assurance for translations. Not only do professional translators translate your whole blog, but they also faithfully follow clients’ instructions regarding the vocabulary to be used, the style and the tone of the articles. Marketing and communication translators know how to maintain a blog and ensure its consistency. This way, you can retain international readers with quality content that your website visitors find interesting.

What is our advice on the best strategy to adopt? Follow option #3! Next step is to choose the right professionals to translate your corporate blog. First, in accordance with industry quality standards, you need to hire a professional translator who translates into their native language. Secondly, it is crucial to know well the culture of the target market.

2. Why does translating a blog improve SEO?

Your company needs online visibility? Are you looking to improve the performance of your website? Every blog post is clearly an asset for website optimization. That’s why you need to choose the right type of translation. We help you understand how translating a blog improves SEO:

  • Blog articles must be translated by professional translators in order to appeal to your blog visitors. This will turn visitors into readers who spend enough reading time your published content to be identified by Google as good quality content. The challenge is also to increase the steady stream of readers to your blog.

  • Machine translation is not helpful. Let us explain why that is. Human translation is always more accurate and it has a natural writing style. Moreover, Google detects auto-translated content, and does not think a machine-translated website is acceptable because the content is deemed less qualitative.

  • SEO translators know what are the right keywords in the language of your target market. SEO professionals are able to determine which keywords are more difficult or easier to rank for. Using your SEO tools, you can still provide translators with your own list of keywords in multiple languages. This way, you can be sure that the blog content will rank well on the keywords that matter the most for your company or organization.

  • Both customers and interested visitors who read your blog in their own language are bound to boost traffic. It’s crucial for SEO. Of course, your blog posts can convert visitors into new customers too.

  • New multilingual content means that you can insert new links. Blog content that is translated will allow you to add different links within your articles. These links can redirect to the important pages of your website or to the home page, which is critical. Not to mention the external links.

As you can see, having your company blog translated is one more great opportunity for your website to rise the ranks to the top.

Keep in mind that you must show your expertise with a quality content blog that experts translated.

When you ask professional translators to take care of the multilingual translation of your corporate blog, this means:

  • avoiding mistakes that would turn away potential customers from your products or services;
  • attracting new customers who will then visit the main pages of your website.

You need to make the right choices to grow your brand with a blog translated into several languages. That way, from the seed you planted, you grow in the right direction and have branches reach the targeted markets internationally.

You preferably want to hire SEO translators who are well versed in the ropes of SEO and keep up to date with new developments, such as the Google algorithm. Trust a professional translation company that has a great network, knowledge and experience in SEO translation and writing!

One more option: use a translation agency that also offers a multilingual SEO content writing service. Cultures Connection provides clients with this awesome service!  

This article has been written by Marilène Haroux

Marilène was previously an Academic and a Translator. At Cultures Connection she used to be the Vendor Manager as well as Bid Manager. Now Marilène is the Bid and Communications Manager.