26/01/2021 -
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5 Apps That Can Make A Translator’s Life Easier

Translating can be stressful; the meeting of two worlds, two cultures, and two languages. What did that person really mean? What is the correct word in the target language? The principal responsibility of a translator is to create transparency between people who need to communicate but speak different languages. And the job has to be […]

03/11/2020 -
Multilingual SEO, Service

7 Qualities Of An Outstanding Web Design Agency

With today’s highly competitive market and advanced technology, having a website is now a necessity for businesses. A website can be a tool to showcase products, solutions, or services. In fact, a well-designed one doesn’t only attract a lot of visitors, but it can also generate more leads, giving your business a chance to earn […]

Marianne Siréta: When translation and SEO meet

This week, Marianne Siréta, expert in website translation explains why multilingual SEO is another critical stage for hitting your target’s bullseye.

Do your translators speak Google?

You had your website translated to give an international visibility to your company? Are you sure it is an SEO friendly translation?

What localization brings to translation

Unlike factual translation which only involves a translation into another language, localization is a process of cultural adaptation. As well as being a bridge between cultures, localization is also a great marketing tool.