Are Foreign Students Poor in Essay Writing in English?

Are Foreign Students Poor in Essay Writing in English?

The demand for essay writing among students in many institutions has increased significantly in the recent past. Colleges and universities are admitting both natives and international students. As part of the assessment, the students are required to write good essays from time to time.

All students desire to write excellent essays that can allow them to attain good grades in the end. It has emerged that foreign students have problems with essay writing in English. Here is the breakdown.

Limited vocabulary

Foreign students often have limited vocabulary which makes them unable to construct sentences logically. They focus on using flowery language instead of being consistent. Fortunately, essay writing services for international students who may have vocabulary problems are available.

If you are unable to write your essays in English, seek help from professional writers. The professionals are well versed in the English language and they can craft for you a well-structured essay with the right choice of words. More specifically, Edubirdie, considered the best service for students, is always committed to providing essay support to international students. The service recognizes that many students desire to succeed in their studies but they may not be in a position to do so due to their vocabulary issues. They are highly recommended internationally due to their long-term experience and commitment to their work.

Poor repetitions

You should avoid word repetitions because it may be a sign of a lack of writing skills. Due to a lack of mastery in the English language, foreign students often use repetitive phrases in their essays. They struggle to fulfill the word count requirements. This makes it difficult for the readers to follow the document and sometimes, they may fail to complete reading it.

When you use repetition as a whole statement, this may be evidence that you are not organized or you lack knowledge in the subject area. You can be accused of not being able to use English to achieve good repetition. Bad repetition is therefore considered a grammatical mistake and not a content one.

If you desire to learn English to improve your writing skills, there are many apps for mastering English you can consider. Through the apps, you can learn about English words and their meaning so that you avoid using the same words repeatedly. Some apps are user friendly such that you may feel like you are playing a game when using them.

Poor use of transition words and phrases

The flow of an essay largely depends on the phrases and transition words you choose. Using transition words and phrases enhances the content readability. It allows the text to flow well and enables the reader to understand the relationship between paragraphs. Transition words play a role in text restructuring, thereby attracting the readers.

Foreign students have a challenge trying to connect the text in different paragraphs of their documents. Some use words that don’t match the logical relationships of the facts and ideas presented. This is because they fail to understand the meaning of the phrases but they insist on using them.

Additionally, there is a tendency for some students to overuse the words and phrases and this makes the readers feel like they are explaining connections. This can easily put off the readers.


Ignorance for writing classes and workshops

One of the most effective ways of improving writing skills is taking writing courses. Foreign students struggle in writing essays and some ignore attending language classes and workshops due to fear of being stigmatized by their fellow students. As such, they remain poor essay writers.

Poor skills make the students receive low marks despite that they may understand the subject being discussed. Some are not willing to seek writing help and they end up writing poorly structured essays full of spelling mistakes, word choice, and grammar.

If you lack writing skills, check with your institution to see if there are any writing classes you can attend. Through such classes, you can receive personalized attention depending on your English skill level. If there are no writing classes available, explore the possibilities of workshops that may be organized within the school.


Foreign students are poor in essay writing in English. Their vocabulary is limited and they often use repetitions to fulfill word count requirements in their essays. Some don’t understand the use of transition words and phrases and they may be unwilling to attend English lessons to improve their skills. Even if you are a non-native speaker, with time, you can improve your English language skills and become an excellent writer.

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