TCLoc: A new Master’s in Technical Communication and Localization at the University of Strasbourg

The TCLoc Master is a new technical communication and localization program designed to train translators that wish to specialize in these growing fields.

The new Master in technical communication and localization (TCLoc), based out of the University of Strasbourg, is set to start in January, 2017. Taught entirely in English and online, TCLoc is a continuing education program that aims to establish a link between academia and the professional worlds of localization and technical communication. In fact, TCLoc graduates not only obtain a master’s degree from the University of Strasbourg, but also a Technical Communicator certification from tekom, Europe’s most prominent association for technical communication.

The program and all its learning materials are the fruit of a unique collaboration between experts from both the professional world and academia. Designed to train students in the most modern tools and processes, the program is carefully adapted to the current employment opportunities for localization and technical communication. Special focus is placed on localization, the analysis, conceptualization and edition of technical content and the development, organization and standardization of information. Modules in technical English and professional writing, as well as basic training in visual communication, project management and website creation are also included.

Conceived as a continuing education program, TCLoc is specially designed to be studied on a flexible part-time basis and, in order to target an international market, classes are taught in English through a distance-learning platform (Moodle). Students from all over the world can therefore follow the program remotely from their respective locations. However, three on-campus meetings are organized at the University of Strasbourg throughout the year, during which students will have the opportunity to get to know each other and attend a number of conferences featuring leading professionals in technical communication and localization. The last of these meetings is mandatory, as the end-of-year exams will occur at that time.

As a continuing education program, TCLoc constitutes the second year of a French master’s degree and is designed to target:

  • Students having already completed 4 years of higher education (240 ECTS in the European system), wishing to expand their range of skills and access more technical professional fields;
  • Professionals already in careers involving technical writing, translation, localization, multimedia, IT or other language-related work, who wish to supplement their skill sets and obtain a university degree.

TCLoc adheres to the ‘VAPP’ process (Validation des Acquis Professionnels) which allows prospective students who lack the number of credits required to apply for the second year of a master’s degree to have their professional and personal experience recognized as valid academic accreditation. In order to qualify for the VAPP and be exempted from certain prerequisites, professional knowledge must be demonstrated and evaluated by an authorized jury.

The TCLoc Master’s represents a unique blend of quality academic and professional training whose graduates are will be among the best prepared to succeed in the localization and technical communication job markets.

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This article has been written by Gaelle Hardy

Graduated from the University of Liège (Belgium) in interpretation, Gaëlle completed her internship at Cultures Connection in Argentina.